See The Huge Data MTN Gave Me For Recharging My Old SIM And How To Get Yours

And I just decided to dust one of my MTN SIMs that I have not used for quite some long time after which I decided to recharge it with N200 airtime, and guess what? I was given some pretty huge data with call time in minutes to enjoy.

But funny enough, the N200 airtime that I recharged disappeared and I can’t seem to see where it entered, or maybe it was automatically converted to those data and airtime that I was given. Well, that is pretty good!

Firstly as you can see from the images below, I was given 3GB in my main data balance and I was given 5.8GB in my data bonus balance, summing up to 8.8GB.

In addition to that, I was given 41 minute of call time to enjoy and call any network of choice.
That is not even enough, the other time, I told you that MTN secretly introduced N200 for 1GB and N1000 for 4GB special data offer that is available to some eligible SIMs. And voila, 

I quickly tested the SIM, if it is eligible for the offer, and the response was very positive, meaning the SIM is eligible and I can go for N1GB for N200 or 4GB for N1000 subscription.

And when it comes to internet network connectivity speed, MTN is bullet and bomb over here, very fast and commendable.

So if you have any MTN SIM that you have dumped for a while, you can easily come over and start enjoying this wonder winback offer because you will agree with me that in this generation, data is life.

See The Huge Data MTN Gave Me For Recharging My Old SIM And How To Get Yours See The Huge Data MTN Gave Me For Recharging My Old SIM And How To Get Yours Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 1:24:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. this is not new. it is mtn winback offer. it works on any sim that has not been used for 30 days or more.
    the problem with it is that most times the data ends up useless because the awoof data is very slow

    1. Hi,

      It is not useless in terms of speed, the speed is awesome over here, just that the data depletes faster than ever imagined. Again, most of the over 30 days unused SIMs becomes automatically eligible for MTN special data offers, like that of 1GB for N200 or 4GB for N1000

  2. Enter your comment...Lucky you sir

  3. my thoughts ecactly owezie. lucky him. data wey i no dey use pass 10mb before i dey take annoyance comot the sim. it is very slow here. as in very slow. i tried it on 2 occassions. and on both occasions i didn't use the mtn sim more than 10mins before removing it before i smash my phone because of anger


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