Samsung Galaxy Fold Unpacked With 12GB RAM, 6 Cameras And A Price Tag Of $1,980

The rumours are gone and finally the awaited Samsung first foldable device is a reality and it is upon us as Samsung unpacked the Galaxy Fold device in their just concluded 2019 unpacked event.

Samsung Galaxy Fold, which can easily serve as a classic high-end smartphone when folded and a modern tablet when unfolded appear to be a game changer that will define the next trend in the mobile industry.

When folded, the Samsung Galaxy Fold takes a 4.6inches display size and when unfolded, the tablet form assumes the 7.3inches size. With a unique hinges, comprising of interlocked gears, the folding and unfolding becomes perfection and a piece of contrivance technology to appreciate.

The tablet form i.e. when the Samsung Galaxy Fold is unfolded, it features a 3-way multitasking mode, where the screen can assume a tripartite division for a clear, easy and sizable multitasking actions.

With a combined expert teams from Samsung, Google and Android developers, Samsung was able to infuse and perfect the app continuity feature on the Galaxy Fold that easily allow for automatic expansion of screen content from folded size to larger unfolded size.

The Galaxy Fold is packed with a high-speed 7nm Snapdragon 855 chipset to handle the extra load and it features a whopping 12GB RAM and 512GB storage for smooth handling in the 3 way multitasking mode.

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It features 6 cameras all together with a rather complex arrangement due to its folding nature, 3 cameras at the back comprising of 12MP primary camera, 12MP telephoto camera and 16MP wide angle shooter. Then a single 10MP selfie camera on the folded mode and finally the 2 selfie cameras inside when unfolded that sees a 12MP telephoto lens and an 8MP RGB depth shooter.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is powered with dual batteries with a combined capacity of 4,380mAh that supports both fast wired and wireless charging.

And it is also interesting to note here that the Samsung Galaxy Fold device will be delivered in two network connectivity variants, which are the LTE and the latest 5G versions.

Finally, you shouldn’t expect a complex device like the Samsung Galaxy Fold from the world largest phone producers to go for a peanut as it is tagged with a starting price of $1,980 and will be delivered to the market starting April.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Unpacked With 12GB RAM, 6 Cameras And A Price Tag Of $1,980 Samsung Galaxy Fold Unpacked With 12GB RAM, 6 Cameras And A Price Tag Of $1,980 Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 9:01:00 AM Rating: 5

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  1. huawei is going to give samsung a run for their money. huawei is coming up with a fold phone with 3 screens


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