What Is The Best/Cheapest Glo Data Plan For Browsing Currently?

We know that everybody likes the best data subscription when it comes to choosing a data plan for browsing and we are aware that Glo is the self-acclaimed grand masters of data. To those of you that are planning to subscribe for a Glo data plan and therefore want to know the best or cheapest data subscription currently available on the network, we are here to tell you exactly that.

When you say the best Glo data plan, we believe that you are all referring to the cheapest subscription that one can easily do without breaking the bank and also the data plan that is available for use 24/7 on all devices and also on virtually all Glo tariff plans.

Now, going straight to the point, early this year, Glo launched the Glo special data offer that is still considered as the best and cheapest Glo data plan till date as it gives Glo subscribers 1.2GB of data for N200. Although with a mini validity period of 3 days, this plan is unbeatable and you cannot get it on any other competing network.

To subscribe this very plan, all you need to do is to make sure that you have up to N200 on your Glo line and then dial *777# then reply with 1>1>5>2>1

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As we stated, this Glo special data plan can be used on any Glo line and on any device. So if you are in location where the Glo internet network connectivity is fast, you can enjoy this plan as much as possible.

Note that you can decide to accumulate it for at most 4 times in a stretch with extended 3X4 validity period and whenever you exhaust your allotted data or validity period, you can always re-subscribe.

If you have any other regular Glo subscription active, when you subscribe to this special offer, what it does is that it will pause your previous plan, both the data and the validity period will be preserved until you exhaust those of the special plan before they will start reading again.

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