Official! MTN Blocks BBLITE Browsing Tweak On All Devices

I know many of you have waited to actually hear from us on the fate of BBLITE browsing tweak that you have been rocking for more than a year now on PC, Android and iPhone devices with different VPN applications especially that of Simple Server and Phisphon.

Yes we have been monitoring situations for the past 2 weeks now when it was first reported that MTN BBLITE browsing tweak is giving difficulty in connection.

Last week, MTN embarked on system upgrade, and as a result of the long one week system upgrade, MTN finally blocked the BBLITE browsing tweak that have been saving browsing life across the length and breadth of Nigeria.

Though, you will still hear some few persons telling you that they are still using MTN BBLITE browsing tweak on their devices.

Yes it is true that few persons are still using the MTN BBLITE tweak currently on their devices, and it is so, not because of their SIMs have been exempted as some of you are thinking but just because they have an active, old one month or one week ago BBLITE subscription.

Now, those that had their subscriptions one month or one week ago are still enjoying it because the hidden MTN 5GB data is still intact and it will finally come to an end when their current blackberry subscriptions expires.

What MTN did after their latest system upgrade was that; they carefully withdrew the hidden 5GB data that was normally allotted to all BBLITE plans, leaving subscribers with only the visible inclusive data that they get when they subscribe to any BBLITE plan.

So whenever you exhaust the visible inclusive BBLITE data, that is the end of the road for browsing at that moment, unless you deactivate your active subscription and reactivate to get another inclusive data.

For those that are still using the BBLITE browsing tweak currently; you should bear in mind that MTN have truly blocked all BBLITE browsing tweak and that immediately your current subscriptions expire, you can no longer use the BBLITE browsing tweak again after new subscriptions.

Now the big question that is in the mind of everybody is; what is the way forward since MTN have decided to use their sledge hammer on tweakers?

Well for now you have to be managing the N15 for 150MB tweak as we go cook up another browsing tweak for you that will best replace MTN BBLITE browsing tweak.
Official! MTN Blocks BBLITE Browsing Tweak On All Devices Official! MTN Blocks BBLITE Browsing Tweak On All Devices Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 4:38:00 PM Rating: 5


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