How To Make Your Glo 3G Network Browsing Speed Fast Like Almost 4G Network

Despite the recent slash in Glo monthly data bundle volumes, Glo still remains the network with the cheapest data plans, at least when compared with other networks monthly data plans.

Now, the issues that most people have with Glo network is not even the slash in the monthly data volume, but the issue of poor and slow network internet connectivity in many locations.
Yes we know how frustrating it can be browsing with poor internet network providers, reason we want to help you improve on it and Glo has always been accused of slow network.

But if you are reading this post now, you should know that there is still hope with Glo and you can still browse at speed of light with your Glo 3G networks, making it seem as if you are browsing with 4G LTE network.

At this point, we know you are also curious to know how really to make your Glo 3G network internet speed fast as speed of light.

This involves a simple tweak on your phone’s network settings and that is exactly what we are going to be showing you so you can start browsing at high speed with your Glo 3G network.

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Without further ado, follow the steps below and set up your phone to start enjoying high speed internet connectivity like never before with your 3G network.

  Head to your phone APN network settings to edit it

  Scroll down to ‘bearer’ option and select it

• The default checkbox is ‘unspecified’, untick it and then tick the 4 boxes below LTE labelled HSPAP, HSPA, HSUPA and HSDPA if your phone is not LTE enabled but if it is 4G LTE enabled, you can also check the LTE box

•  Finally, come back and save your settings

Note that if your phone is running Android 5 and below, you might not be privileged to see those options on the bearer settings as you will only see the LTE and the eHRPD checkbox and therefore the settings might not be applicable to you.

Hurray! After following the steps above on those running Android 6 and above, start browsing at the speed of light.s

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