MTN 2.5GB For N500, See How You Can Get It

MTN has been dolling out double data since late last year and many MTN customers have been enjoying the bonus offer till date while some have been complaining about not getting the bonus data.

And in today’s post, we will be discussing the extension on the MTN double data bonus and this time we shall be showing you how you can really get MTN 2.5GB data for N500.

This offer as we said is still tied to the double data bonus and it is simply called the 100% double data bonus for device bonus and in the follow up steps below, you will see how to activate 2.5GB  for N500.

Without wasting time, follow the steps below to activate the MTN 2.5GB bonus for device data for just N500, which is usable all day all night.

  First of all you need to migrate your MTN tariff plan to MTN Pulse by dialling *460*1#

  You will have to activate the MTN 100% double data bonus for device bonus by sending the keyword PROMO in an SMS to 131 or alternatively send this 3 keywords DOUBLE, PROMO and FREE to 131 separately i.e. one of them at a time to 131. 

  If you sent only the first keyword PROMO, you should receive a message notifying you to enjoy 100% data on MTN Deal Zone, but if you opt for the alternative and you sent on a separate occasion the 3 keywords mentioned above you are going to receive 3 separate messages, which is inclusive of the message above and at this point, you should send another Keyword ICE to 131

  Now dial *131*1# and select option 2 which is the weekly plan designated as 500mb + 250mb and after that you will be given 1GB plus bonus 1GB plus another separate 500mb, totalling 2.5GB.

Now here is the complete breakdown of your data; the 1GB is the main data given to you, the other 1GB is the device bonus data and the 500MB is extra bonus. And on usage, the 500MB will be depleted first, then followed by the 1GB device bonus and finally before they will start touching your main 1GB data.

You should note that data are usable both night and day and they all have a validity period of 7 days and you can always check your data balance by sending the number 2 in SMS to 131 and for the bonus data you can check by dialling the code *559#

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