The Top Go-Pro Cameras Available For Perfect Shots

Whether you are the ultimate adventurer or simply want a camera that can take action shots if you like sightseeing, the GoPro is what you are looking for. Of course, there are several series and different features so when choosing a camera, you should understand their functionality. These are a few of the top-rated GoPro models available regardless of the desired adventures you want to take it on.

GoPro Hero

You can record video in 720p and capture photos at 1080p resolution. With time lapse bursts of 5/fps, you can capture shots quickly and consecutively if you are doing a live-action filming/photography session. The built-in mic allows you to record audio and the camera is durable and waterproof, for up to 131 meters in depth. 

It is compatible with all of the best GoPro stabilizers there are over sixty models and it is built to withstand extreme temperatures and environments, with a sturdy body and exterior rugged design. It can support Micro SD cards and has 32 GB expansion card-slot. 

GoPro Hero 5 

4K video quality, 12 MP frames in still shots and the option to choose between burst and time-lapse modes, offers great options when shooting videos or capturing photos on your camera. The durable design allows you to take the camera to a depth of up to 33 meters if you want to go swimming or record video underwater when you are recording. It has an external housing which is specifically built to be taken in the water, so you can easily use your new camera for your underwater and outdoor adventures. 

It has a preview and playback function, allowing you to easily record and look over the footage you have captured. The hands-free control also allows you to use voice command, so you can fully manage the functions, taking photos, video recording, and leave your hands free when you are trying to capture footage of your adventures. It’s easy to set up, has a rechargeable battery, curved design and mounting buckle so you can enjoy more and free up your hands while still capturing exceptional footage. 

There are several GoPro camera and Hero series you can choose from. For those who want quality, well-built design and something that is easy to use and work with.There are several great products from which you can choose. These are a couple of the top-rated Models in the Hero family for those who want to invest in a new GoPro. 

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