5 reasons your laptop is plugged in but displays not-charging

Laptop plugged into an AC outlet but displaying not charging and truly not charging is one of the very common problems that laptop owners and users sometimes encounter, and sometimes can be very annoying and frustrating. 

It doesn’t just happen like that, as there are reasons attributed to that and most of them are minor causes, but if you are not aware of it or maybe it’s just happening to you for the first time, it could cause some serious jittery and make you feel or think your laptop is completely damaged on the charging aspect.

5 reasons your laptop is plugged in but displays not-charging

Our focus is to highlight the 5 major reasons or causes of this common issue and offer possible troubleshooting advice that can make you smile again.

Below are the 5 major causes or reasons that can make your plugged in laptop not to be charging and displays that annoying not-charging signals just by the right hand side of your task bar and battery signal icon.

1.      Low voltage – When the voltage supply is low and not enough to charge up your laptop, you might be seeing that not-charging signal on your laptop. Here we are referring mostly to voltage below 100volts. If so, look for alternative power supply with full voltage supply and the problem could just be over.

2.      Damaged battery – Sometimes unknowingly to you that your laptop battery is already damaged and again you will be seeing the not-charging signal even if your laptop was plugged in. In this case, you should examine for damaged battery by taking it out, and then plug in your laptop without the battery; if your laptop is powered, then there is high tendency that your battery is damaged and could be the reason for that not-charging display. Replace with a new and rightful battery and plug again; it should be charging by now if that was actually the cause.

3.      Charging port – This is another possible factor that can cause your laptop to display not-charging. And this factor is grievous than the two above, in the sense that it may require you to hand out your laptop to a repairer to fix it up.

4.      Damaged adapter pin – The tail end of your power pack adapter which you normally plug into the charging port of your laptop might just be the black sheep giving you that plugged-in but not-charging headache. In this case, sometimes the pin can be changed whereas sometimes it may require you to change the entire adaptor.

5.      Overheating – On the cause of continuous or extended use of your laptop, sometimes it can generate excessive heat that can even affect the battery at that very moment and cause you to see the not-charging signal once again. In this case, you should always endeavor that when using your laptop, that the air vents are not in any way blocked. If this type of overheating occurs, then give your laptop some little break. You can unplug and even short it down for a while to enable battery cooling, and then power-on back your laptop.

Finally, always ensure you maintain the best and safest practices when making use of your laptop and adapter as to have and enjoy longer battery life and your entire laptop in general.

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