Stop complaining! Why make and receive most calls with high end mobile phones presently, when you also have Nokia Torch?

As funny as the topic might sound, it is fact that can go a long way easing some of your worries and complaints while using your mobile phone, especially in this present era. 

The way mobile devices have transformed from years back to this present day has also greatly influenced the way they were been used as compare to that time with this present day.

In the past, owning a mobile phone was like luxury and even used as yardstick for measuring how wealthy people are. In most homes then, it’s either one person per phone or even one mobile phone per the entire family.
Stop complaining! Why make and receive most calls with high end mobile phones presently when you also have Nokia Torch?

The primary functions of phones that were available then were making/receiving calls and sending/receiving 160 characters SMSs. Nokia 3310 and Samsung R20 were the most common and flagship mobile devices then that individuals often sort for.

But today, we have witnessed tremendous metamorphoses when it comes to phone technology. 

Almost everything about mobile phones have changed; from design to capabilities and functionalities, in fact everything has really transformed, and the funny thing is that till now many are still yet to come to terms or have failed to reason towards this direction; that the primary functions of mobile phone have shifted and no longer making/receiving calls and sending/receiving text messages but now more sophisticated primary functions that almost everybody is guilty of.

If you have any feelings of doubt in what I have just said, then ask anybody around you now, what he/she uses his/her phone to do most on daily basis, and I bet you that just few will still mention calls and SMS first. At this point, you should already know what I am talking about. Truth is that presently making and sending out SMS with mobile phones have been relegated to tertiary function and not even secondary.

Now if you dare to ask me what the primary functions of mobile phones, since we have all agreed that it is no longer calling and sending SMS, I will be confused on which to assign as the primary functions, because people now perform different wonders with their phones daily more than just calling and sending SMSs.

Many have converted their phones to cybercafé, while some are now professional photographers and videographer just with their phone alone; some have converted theirs into cinema while for others their phone is now their business enterprise office desk, the list is indeed endless. 

For instance some folks, with their phones, they are now cartographers, coupled presently with millions of amazing apps by Android and Apple, these both will not allow us take some break. The phone is now like a powerhouse for virtually everything…what more do you want me to say? You have now seen why I said that making calls and sending out SMS are now tertiary functions of phones in this present era.

You might be wondering at this point, why I have been saying all these whereas the topic of the day is telling you to stop complaining and make more use of your low end mobile phone in making/receiving calls.

Let’s put it this way; unlike in the past when individuals owns mostly single phone, you will agree with me that the tide has changed, it is mostly now more than one phone per individual. Some have combinations of two high-end phones, while others have combinations of one low-end and one high-end mobile phone. 

Some even have and move with 3 or more phones together. But for me, moving with 3 or more phones is somewhat crazy, 2 is acceptable. Many combine one high end and one low end phone which in my opinion is the best combination for many that owns two mobile phones out there.

Now here is the idea, you have these two best combinations of phones; why not always use your major SIM card on the low end device strictly for making and receiving calls and another separate SIM card strictly for data bundle subscriptions on the high end phone for your activities like browsing and others.

You hear many folks that use their major SIM card on their high end phones both for calls and data bundle subscriptions always complaining of either having constant low battery or deductions of credits from their main account balance usually caused by running background applications or other things that make use of data and mostly when they failed to apply the idea given above.

You also noticed that for fear of such deductions from their main balance, people constantly switch off/on their phone data, and sometimes they tend to forget to do so and their credit balance are eaten up once again by running background applications on their phones. In my opinion, constantly switching on and off your data can be quite stressful and gives no freedom of using your devices.

But when you follow the combination that I proffered above i.e. separate SIM on your low end phone strictly for your calls and another SIM on the high end device strictly for your data subscription, then you will end up saving your battery life and unnecessary deductions from your credit balance and also enjoy the freedom that comes with having a high end device other than always complaining.

Stop the complaints now and act quickly with the powerful idea I have given you above that you may enjoy the amazing benefits and features of that your Samsung Galaxy S5 phone.
Stop complaining! Why make and receive most calls with high end mobile phones presently, when you also have Nokia Torch? Stop complaining! Why make and receive most calls with high end mobile phones presently, when you also have Nokia Torch? Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 4:47:00 PM Rating: 5

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