10 amazing benefits of blogging

Have you been blogging for some time now? Are you blogging for passion or for money or both? Did you always see blogging as stressful and difficult task? And have you ever thought of other benefits that could come with blogging that might not have known?

All these and many other simple questions are questions that you can answer as a blogger or might not even have occurred to you to ask yourself but whichever way, I have used this opportunity to present them to you and we will be basing our discussions today around them.
10 amazing benefits of blogging

The most important and the most relevant to this topic was the last question I asked i.e. ‘have you thought of other benefits that can be associated with blogging that you yourself are not even aware of?’

This leads us straight to the 10 benefits of blogging. But before I venture into listing and thrashing them out, it is fact that many bloggers out there think that the only benefits of blogging are making money and recreation (passion and fun).

There are more to that and here are other 10 amazing benefits of blogging that you might not even be aware of;

1.      Improved writing skills – By the nature of blogging which involves mostly content creation, many bloggers out there are great writers. As they blog, there writing skills improve tremendously by the day. You might not be the best writer out there yet, but there is always writing improvement as time goes on.

2.      Increased typing pace – Yes if you are a good blogger that does not always involve in the unwholesome act of just copying-pasting other webmasters handwork, you will then agree with me that your computer keyboard is one of your best friend. The more you type the faster a typist you tend to become.

3.      Brain power and mind development – As a blogger, in your blogging activities you keep on cracking up your brain and mind in coming up with that that juicy content for your readers. By so doing, you constantly think out of the box to achieve that. This helps in building and developing both your brain power and mind. It was when I started getting soaked in blogging that I then believed totally in the saying ‘’that whatever the heart of a man can conceive, he can truly achieve’’. And also that many lazy folks out there are people that have just allowed the genius in them to lay idle and sleep away.

4.      Keep you busy – You should know now that ‘an idle mind is the devils workshop’. But with blogging, you have something doing for yourself and this will greatly help you in disengaging yourself from some mischievous acts often associated with idle minds.

5.      Your own boss – You should also know that blogging is now mostly categorized under Home-based-business and as a blogger that you are, you are already an internet person and you must have heard these words ‘becoming your own boss’. As nice as that might sound blogging truly gives you all the freedom in this world to become your own made boss. After all many folks don’t like working under others.

6.      Improved communication skills and spoken language – I am quite sure that some of you bloggers offer interviews to some of your deserving or interested audience, and again for somebody like me, whenever I am proofreading articles, I read by speaking the words and sentences out. These two activities when constantly done, no doubt improve both communication skills and that of spoken language.

7.      Exercise – Yes you heard me right “Exercise”. When you are constantly pressing those keys on your keyboard while typing your articles, what are you doing to your fingers? Straining or exercising them?

8.      Versatile knowledge – The activities you do during blogging no doubt increase your technical know-how. By reading more, doing your researches and sourcing for ideas in different and wide varieties of environment gives you authority to what you are doing and increase your knowledge.

9.      Building relationship – In one of my previous piece, I have once defined blogging as the art of creating quality contents geared towards building readership community and that you can be rewarded at the long run. You may want to read that very piece here. Blogging helps you build strong relationship with those your readership communities and by so doing, who knows? Some day you could just get that connection that might take you to the climax of your career.

10.  Responsible – Blogging makes you a responsible fellow since it comes with its own dignity. You even earn the respect of both your fellow bloggers and non-bloggers alike. A lot of people tend to seek after you, seek for your opinions and advices and even advertisers are not left out especially if you know exactly what you are doing. They hold you in high esteem and all these definitely will improve your reputation as a blogger.

Now you can see that blogging comes with it a whole lot of benefits and I believe you are wowed by all you have read today.

If you still have some other benefits that you felt were not covered and you want to share them, please do well to share below so that we can all learn together because I know some ears are still itching to hear more.
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  1. I read the post from beginning to the end and i must say its a good write up. very informative and it changes perception. I love good works Boss

    1. I was glad to hear you say that it changes perception. Nice comment from you. Thank you Daayur for finding out time to come over, do have a lovely night ahead

  2. The benefits shared here are on track. Blogging is a very practical preoccupation. The more it is done, the more responsible would the individual become.

    Improvements in writing, communication, thinking, engagement, and versatility are major benefits we should not ignore.

    Blogging truly has benefits that far out weigh the downsides. At least, we have some ideas from this post!

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    Sunday - kingged.com contributor


    1. Yes I agree that blogging benefits far outweighs its downside. Thank you Sunday for stopping over.

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    1. See one of my Ogas at the top in the lab o. All that for me! I am already blushing with your warm and kind words. You sure must be a magnanimous fellow and I am very pleased with your offer for little tweaking. Thank you so much for visiting and for those words of encouragement. Do have a nice day ahead and remain blessed.

  4. Hey Edwin,
    thank you for such a informative post. I loved the way you write post.
    Yes, in our blogging, we are our own Boss. We do what we love. Blogging also improves our social entworking skills. We make new friends easily.

    And we can get Versatile knowledge. Even if you are a Educational blogger, you know SEO, how to blog, Content marketing, Social promotion ,etc.

    Thank you again for such a great article
    Well, i found this article on kingged.com and Kingged it!

    1. Yes we make new friends easily with blogging. Swaraj thank you so much for letting me know you love the way I write my post and I feel honored by that compliment. Do have a lovely day ahead

  5. Hello Edwin,

    We sharp our skills and make money with blogging. But blogging needs time and original content. I love to write content about spiritual thoughts, news, magazine stuff etc.


    1. At the long run with all those benefits, money can be made especially with original contents. Thank you Diana for dropping by

  6. Hey Edwin,

    Blogging is not only growing your knowledge, creativity and skills but also motivate you to achieve your goals.

    As you mentioned in your article blogging makes you responsible person; yes you are absolutely right because by blogging you learn more things which makes you mature person.

    Thanks for sharing these valuable thoughts with us on kingged.com

    1. I also agreed that you get motivated to achieving your goals with blogging. It really comes with lots of benefits. Thank you and do have a wonderful day ahead

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  8. Hi Edwin,
    I think this is my first time to your page,
    You brought out almost all benefits of blogging.
    All the points mentioned are indeed very good point
    The contact and interaction with the fellow bloggers
    will surely boost all the things mentioned here. building a
    a good relationship is one of the vital benefit one can get
    from blogging and of course the number ten is very important
    that it increases our responsibility in all areas and the respect
    we get out of it is tremendous and surely if one knows all these
    benefits he will stick on to blogging, but as the title said very
    unbelievable or unknown benefits of blogging, yes, many bloggers
    do not know this exactly what it gives.
    Though the benefit of earning some money is the motto behind blogging
    these less known facts too are equally important
    Yes, I liked the number 9 & 10 points here more
    Thanks Edwin for reminding your fellow bloggers about this wonderful benefits.
    Keep up the good work
    Keep informed
    Hey, Edwin,
    I saw this post notification at the content curation pages of Kingged,com and kingged it and posted the above comment there,
    happy to be here. Keep writing
    Best Regards
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    Please do remove it from here that helps your readers to post their comments easily
    This you can do it by visiting your dashboard settings
    Have a good day

    1. Philip you are such a wonderful dude for pointing out to me about the word verification process! You know what? personally I don't like much restrictions and how on earth it has been on for a while without me even knowing! My bad! that commenters might have been going through hell before they could pass their comments here. Thank you so much for that observation and I am glad you came on here, noticed and reminded me of it. I want to tender complete apology for making you go through those verification process before having your voice heard. With immediate effect I have removed the restrictions. Thank you once again Philip and I appreciate your words....You must be a niceeeee guy. Do have a lovely day ahead.

  9. Nice article. Some of them I know and some I came to know with this article. Iam new to blogging. Checkout my blog mydhiliram.blogspot. com

    1. Thank you Mydhiliram for dropping here and I checked your blog and I began salivating immediately with those recipes for those delicacies.

  10. Great!

    This is such an epic post, as for me.

    Blogging is a beneficial job, and I believe that the benefits it could bring you are far beyond traffic and profits. Blogging can also give you some personal benefits like what you’ve given in the article shared above.

    I agree that blogging can help you improve your writing and communication skills, as well as it can also help you develop your mind power. As what I’ve read here, the activities you do in blogging can also increase your knowledge.

    What benefit I like the most is the last number.

    Blogging can make you a responsible person, which is for me, an important trait to become a good person and an effective individual. :)


    By the way, I found this post shared on Kingged.com


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