Latest solar-race car built by Australian students

Necessity they say is the mother of invention. 

The recent solar-race car codenamed Eve built by students of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney Australia was something very commendable and worthy of emulation by their counterparts in other universities. 

It also throw some form of challenges to other university students of other countries especially students in the developing countries to start seeing the university as an institution whereby acquired knowledge can truly be harnessed and also a place whereby people come together to learn, research and with creative thinking use their academic prowess of acquired knowledge in developing things that calls for commendations and that can change the society for the better, rather than turning the university to an environment whereby despicable social vices thrives and that does nobody any good.


With the continuous quest for cleaner, greener ecological environment I believe this set of photovoltaic engineering students of UNSW took into consideration in developing this masterpiece solar-race car. The Eve as the car is popularly called is also known as the Sun-swift car is said to have taken these brave photovoltaic engineering students more than a year to develop.

The body of the car is made up of carbon fibre shell, with about four square metres of silicon solar panel covering its top and hood. Everything about the car is said to be flexible and light. The race car is powered by converting sun energy into electricity that drives rear wheel electric motor. 

It can also store power in its 16-kilowatt-hour fuel bank built from lithium-ion laptop batteries, thereby given it a range of about 650km. with four wheels and two doors, the team made up of students engineers said that they pictured the Ferrari and Lamborghini model in producing the Eve.

Noticeable feature of the interior is the carbon fibre bucket seats positioned so low and very close to the floor. 

With zero emission and also a fast solar race car in mind, the Eve is set to break the record of the fastest solar car ever made with a speed expected to be over 88kph. This particular model is a prototype from which other models will be developed.

And with the October upcoming World Solar Challenge Show, I want to believe that these ingenuous students will be there with Eve. 

And not only that I also think that they deserve some form of rewards for their ingenuous development, for this will serve as a boost for others in the same category across the globe to also put in their acquired knowledge in developing things that will benefit their immediate society  and also in turn the world at large. 
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