How to create original images for your blog posts.

In the blogging world today, originality has always been the key secret for many successful bloggers. Little wonder do we always hear the common but powerful blogging phrase that says ‘content is king’. 

When such phrase is mentioned like that, it is important to bear in mind it doesn’t just implies mere or copied content, but there is a hidden word in that phrase that is emphasized which can make someone to rephrase it order to bring out the hidden word as ‘original content is king’.

When we talk of original content being king in blogging, it does not only applies to texts or written content, but also includes images, links, titles and every other thing that you can figure out that truly made it king.
How to create original images for your blog posts.

I have heard many complained that they are tired of stealing and editing other people’s images online for their blog posts, and that they will love to put an end to that by creating images of their own but not knowing how to go about it. 

If you are a blogger that monetizes your content, then you might probably understand better when people quest to create their own original content (images).

In the blogosphere today, there is what is popularly called plagiarism, and it is simply a situation whereby a blogger or site owner instead of creating his/her own original content for their posts, they spend most of the time scouting on other blogs for the sole purpose of copying contents from other blogs or sites and presenting the content on their blog as the original creator or writer of the said content, and even more so without linking back or giving credits to the source owner of the copied content.

This form of copying contents has always being considered as a very bad and condemnable habit in the blogosphere. 

Not even only that, on the cause of monetizing your blog with such contents, many ads network provider has always frowned at such and considers it as an unwholesome act and one could easily be penalized for that if you fail to desist from such act.

As I have mentioned that original content is king and that your contents includes your images, by understanding these, it no drags us back to the topic of the day on how to create original images for your blog posts.

Sometimes, we tend to go far in search for something, without actually knowing that we can get that thing that we are looking for at the tip of our fingers. It is in this vein that today I want to share with you very useful but often neglected tips on how you too can create your own original images without being accused of plagiarism or being called derogatory name such as copycat.

Let fire down to the main thing. Some of us have good cameras at home and most of us have phones with high Megapixel cameras. Then what are we not talking about when we have these common gadgets at our disposal. Let start and buttress our point with a typical example for easier and better comprehension.

Let assume that you want to create a topic on ‘how to disable right click’ and you want to use an illustrative image of somebody’s hand simply placed on top of the mouse as your blog post image, instead of even wasting your time and in some cases wasting also your internet data bundle searching almost endlessly on Google for free images with such illustration, and also having at the back of your mind that most of these images are not out rightly free and does have some form of rights reserved exclusively for the creator of  such simple images, then why not just grab that phone of yours with high MP camera or your digital camera, position your hand on your mouse place is on clean flat surface and take a snapshot of it, then you are almost done.
How to disable right click

 If the image you captured as the case maybe is not that good enough for your liking, then what do you think are the uses of those common image editing software that I believe most of you have on your systems? 

Simply transfer the image to any of those your image editing software and give your image a touch of class to suit your demand. I know that most of these simple images don’t take time to work on. You can increase brightness, contrast, add colour, and in fact just adjust it the way you want in just a twinkle of an eye.

You will notice that it will be better for you and it will even give you more joy to edit your own original images that to always copy and edit other peoples images.

You can check and see blackberry a sinking ship and also all the images in this particular post.

The above example can be extended in many ways in creating your own original images. Let continue with other examples, say you want to use images of human expressions as another illustrative image on your posts. Some of us have very beautiful sisters, handsome brothers, children, babies etc. at home or even our friends. 

You can easily tell them to pose and give you that facial expression that you are looking for, which could be expression of joy, sadness, wink, blush, surprise, anger etc. then you just pick your phone, capture them, touch it up with your image editing software if need be, then use as your blog posts images without infringing on anyone’s right.

As I have mentioned above, there are many other images for illustrative purposes that you can capture with your phone cameras without having to bug yourself much and making your content original thereby in turn making you king without you even knowing.

I believe the above information will a kind of change some of your mind-sets when handling images for your blog posts. Always remember that since that your blog is that which contributes to your meal ticket in the cases of monetized blogs, the effort you put in to bring out the best is always commensurate with your level and degree of success and there is always no harm attached to that your effort, rather it takes you to greater height.  

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  1. funny but serious. I too often tried your method. Even,i had made my self amazed while creating such funny images.


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