How to participate in the Amazon Affiliate (Associate) programme to make money

No doubt that the Amazon affiliate (Associate) program has the biggest online affiliate network in the world today, and this is owned to the fact that Amazon has long emerged as the online store with the world biggest collection of books, magazines, music, DVD, video, electronics and so many other products and so their affiliate network cut across almost every nook and cranny of this world. 

The good thing is that most of these affiliates are not just mere members of the network, but are members making huge amount of money for themselves by just marketing of Amazon wide varieties of product.

Once an online trusted store and originality of online products are mentioned, Amazon is tantamount to that and that is one of the major reasons members of their Associate program are making it big out there. 

What associate members does is that they browse through varieties of Amazon products which most of the time are high selling products such as kindle fire, inspirational and dietary books, electronics etc. and they now determine which form of advert they will use in marketing this products, and all the marketing tools being provided by Amazon.

Amazon offers wide varieties of marketing tools to their associate members which ranges from obtaining product link code to banner link and even if you choose to market particular pages of their site, such offers are even available. 

All  one needs to do is to join their network, then use any of your choice marketing tool or combinations of tools to attract potential buyers of their products, and whenever a sale emanates from you, you get commission for that, and Amazon is known for their generosity to their members when it comes to revenue sharing. 

A reasonable percentage of each product sale generated by you goes directly to your Amazon affiliate account which you can withdraw once you reach the payment threshold.

My main duty here, is to tell you how to apply in order for you to become part of this ever growing network, so you too can receive your own ‘'Amazon national cake’’ The steps to follow in becoming an Amazon associate member is simply laid down as follows;
=     ==> On landing there, click the join now for free tab. At this point we consider that you have no any account before with Amazon.
=    ==> On the next page that will open, put in your e-mail address and choose I am a new customer radio button, and then click the sign in tab.
=    ==>  The registration page comes up, where you will fill in your name and create your Amazon password (Password that consist of letters and numbers is advised), and then click the create account tab.
=    ==>  The next page comes up and this is like a form which has four sections to be completed.

>> The first section of the form is for you to fill in your account information

>> Second section is where to fill your website profile

>> Third section which is very important is for you to verify your identity with your phone number. In this section, what you will do is to enter your correct phone number and click the call me now tab. After clicking it, a PIN will be generated for you immediately and it will be displayed on your screen, then you will receive a call at that moment from Amazon  asking you to verify your PIN. 

You will be given the option of either to call out your displayed PIN or by keying it in on your phone. After you have successfully verified your PIN, scroll down same page and accept the terms of service. Finally you now click on the finish button.

>> The fourth section - congratulation! After clicking the finish button above, you are done and start using the Amazon affiliate central.

You will get a mail from Amazon immediately asking you to wait for one or two days pending your account approval.

If you have properly followed all the steps above, your account stand a high chance of being approved and you will be notified at the appropriate time when you are finally approve.

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