How to take a screen shot of any current open page or window with your PC

At a particular point in time, bloggers, website owners or simply computer users have always wanted to get or take a screenshot of their current page in which they are working on in any of the available photo format, this may be either to use it for their post, to illustrate something, send it to someone or whatever other reason as the case may be, but they do not know how to go about it.

I want to tell you two easy methods that can be used to take the screenshot of your current page or window.

The first method is by the use of the Prtsc button on your computer keyboard. 

But funny enough to notice that this particular Prt sc button is on the keyboard of PC users and mostly situated close to the delete key or backspace key but many don’t make use of it or don’t even know its function, and even those that uses it always think that the button must be used in combination with the Ctrl or alt key before it can work.

The Prt sc button stand for Print screen button, it is used to take the screenshot of the entire page of any current open page or window or your computer. 

To use the Prtsc button, whenever you are on a particular page or an open window that you want to get the screenshot of, simply press the Prtsc button and you are done, the picture of the entire page is immediately copied into your clipboard, you can now open your Microsoft word, paste it there but since your Microsoft word does not save document in picture format, you can then copy it from your word, then open the paint programme in your computer, paste the copied image there, then you can now save it to whichever picture format that you feel like. 

You might be asking that after capturing the screen image, why not just open the paint programme and paste it there immediately rather than going through Microsoft word, but it has been noticed that when you try to paste it directly to your paint programme, nothing happens and it doesn’t paste.

The second method and which looks like the best method because of the different option it overs in capturing the screen is the use of the Snipping tool

Unlike the first method above that only captures your entire page; the snipping tool can be used to take the screenshot of either your entire page or any selected portion of your page. The snipping tool can be found in most current versions of your windows operating system. 

You can easily search it out on your program search box. When you have found it, you will see only three different tab option. But the one we are interested in is the tab label New

In the New tab you can find different snipping options that you can use, by default the rectangular snipping is on, and it is the most used. 

So all you need to do if you want to capture a particular page on your screen is to just click the New tab, when you do that you will notice that your entire page will become transparent white and a cross-hair cursor will appear, you can now choose the portion of your screen that you want to capture by positioning the cursor, holding down your mouse button and dragging to your desired length and breadth of the screen. 

Immediately you release your cursor, a window comes up with your highlighted portion displayed on the centre of the open window, there you can save it by clicking the save icon at the top of the window.

Also remember that you can also capture the entire window with the snipping tool, just choose window snipping from the drop down menu of the new tab in your snipping tool window.
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