How To Flash Anybody With An Airtel Line Without Airtime Credit

 Flashing others on their phone over here simply means an activity whereby one picks up their phone to call or dial another number and on the process whereby the receiver’s phone rings, the caller immediately cuts the call in order for the receiver not to pick the call.

It is a means of alerting a call receiver by causing their phone to ring out shortly without allowing them pick the call before ending the call on the callers end. This is mostly done whenever a caller has very little airtime on their phone and unable to put a full call to the receiver, thereby using this method to alert the receiver, hoping that the receiver on the other hand might have enough airtime to call back.

Although, sometimes, people just use this method to preserve their airtime or for other reasons best known to them.

But before you will be able to carry out this activity of flashing with your phone, it is well known fact that you will have at least the minimum amount of airtime on your phone that at least will be enough for a seconds call rate, otherwise having zero balance on your airtime balance simply means that you cannot put a call through to anybody or better say that you cannot even flash anybody with zero airtime balance.

But here we have put together this article to show you how you can use an airtel line to flash others even while you are having zero account balance on the line.

Without wasting much of your time, here is the simple step to take if you are using airtel line and maybe you have ran out of airtime but you needed to at least flash or beep others in your contacts.

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Just pick up that your phone with airtel line in it and with zero airtime account balance, and then choose any number or person that you want to flash and add double star (**) in front of the phone number that you want to flash and finally hit the call or dial button. The receiver will immediately receive call alert to their phone.

For example if the phone number that you want to flash is 08021234567 and you are not having any airtime on your own phone with airtel line. Just dial as follows; **08021234567 and you should get the call receiver’s phone ringing.

Hurray! For you have just flashed someone with your airtel line that is having zero balance

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