Latest Way To Speak With Airtel Customer Care Agent Nigeria (From 2020)

 Today we are going to be bringing to you the latest dial number combinations on your phone that you can use to speak directly to Airtel customer care agent for any of your enquiries or queries concerning the Airtel network.

Like you already know, that the only constant thing is change and Airtel like any other GSM network providers in the country constantly evolve and we see changes from time to time on their service provision. One of those changes that we are particular about today is on the latest way to speak with Airtel customer care agent.

In the past we can easily recall the number combinations that quickly grant us access to Airtel customer care agent, which used to be, selecting the ‘0’ number after dialling the regular Airtel customer care helpline number ‘111’.


Later on it was changed, and after dialling the customer care helpline number ‘111’, you have to select ‘3’and then ‘6’ in that order to be handed over to an airtel customer care agent. And today again, in 2020, the dial number combination keys have changed.

And believe you me; if you weren’t told the latest key combinations of speaking with Airtel customer care agent, you might not be able to decipher it, due to the fact that there is no any guide or correlative hint that will lead you to those number combinations.

Without wasting your time, if you are still finding it difficult  to speak with Airtel customer care agent with your phone, the latest way of achieving that is by dialling the number combinations number as follows;

  Dial the normal airtel customer care helpline “111” and then select “2” to head to the main menu

  After which you will select number 4>2>9 in that order and immediately after dialling the last number, which is 9, you will immediately be handed over to a customer care agent that you can speak with to take your queries. Albeit, and as usual you might have to wait for  a while after being handed over to the customer care agent for him/her to come up and attend to you.

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