How To Force/Lock Infinix Phones To 4G Network Only Mode

These days, one of the features of most new modern smartphones is their incorporation with the 4G LTE network technology alongside the other lower 3GB and 2G network. 4G LTE network technology enables you access the internet with your phone faster than 3G and 2G network.

Most of the modern smartphones are built in such a way that you can either allow the device to automatically detect and switch between the network signal by itself to the network that is stronger at any particular location or you can decide lock it it from the network settings of your phone to a particular network, thereby disabling automatic network switching mode.

For example, you can put it on 3G network only mode or 4G network only mode to prevent automatic network switching. Although, based on network availability on any location, it is most times advisable to maintain a particular network signal, as doing so will prevent automatic network switching and gives you a better network signal reception experience. Automatic network switching is also known to be a battery drainer.

Now, we noticed that some of Infinix 4G device owners have been complaining of their inability to lock their devices to a particular network of their choice; some have maintained that even after manually switching it to 4G only mode, that from time to time, they still see 3G signal appear.

In that vein, we want to show you how to force or lock your Infinix device to either a 4G network only mode or 3G network only mode in order to prevent automatic network switching.

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Without further ado, follow the steps below to force or lock your Infinix device to a particular network mode;

•  With your Infinix device, dial the code *#9646633#

•  Choose the Network Selecting option in the page that comes up

•  Choose the SIM that you want to lock 4G to

•  Choose the LTE Only option

You will now see that you phone will be locked to 4G only mode. Note that your Infinix device must be 4G enabled before it will be locked to 4G only. 

If your phone is not 4G network enabled and you followed the procedure above, you will still see the 4G only option but even if you go ahead to select it, it will return your device to the 3G mode, which is usually denoted as the WCDMA,  since your device has no support for 4G LTE network mode.


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