Glo 4G Network On Band 3 (1800MHz) Now Live?

It is no longer news that Glo network now has support for 4G LTE internet network service and those within Glo 4G network area and with supported devices have been enjoying the fast internet speed that the Glo 4G network technology provides.

But the common drawback and challenges that many people are facing with the Glo 4G network service is the frequency band on which it was projected to operate within, which is on the band 28 (700MHz) frequency spectrum.

It is a common knowledge that most device manufacturers rarely incorporate the frequency band 28 (700MHz) support on their device, thereby not allowing one to be able use Glo 4G network on such devices, even if their device is 4G LTE enabled. 

For you to be able to use your 4G LTE device with the Glo 4G LTE network service, your device must be compatible with the Glo 4G network supported frequency band, which we said it is on the band 28 (1800MHz). Now since most manufacturers rarely incorporate the band 28 (700mHz) frequency support for their devices, what that entails is that Glo customers that want to make use of Glo fast 4G LTE network services are often left with limited option of the type of device they can choose from, and in most cases that can be highly frustrating.

One of the most common frequency bands that most phone OEMs include in their devices is the band 3 (1800MHz) support and this is the exact band that other 4G internet network providers like Airtel and 9mobile are operating within.

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But the good news reaching us for Glo customers is that Glo is currently trying to add the band 3 (1800MHz) frequency spectrum to their supported 4G LTE network service and as we write this, there have been series of report that the Glo 4G network service on band 3 (1800MHz) is already undergoing test run and it is live in city of Ibadan.

In other words, it is just matter of little time and the service will spread to other cities. So if you have been using a device with no support for band 28 (700MHz) but supports the band 3 (1800MHz) frequency, it is almost time to heave a sigh of relieve, for that Glo fast 4G network service that you have always craved for to make use on your device is an inch close to you.

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  1. i hope it is done quick.
    i ordered for a new 4G LTE phone and glo 4G band is the only band it doesn't have

  2. Chai should have boughy poco f1,I had to go for Umi f1 cos of dat band,Chai,e pain me


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