MTN Announces 2018 Seasons Of Surprises

By now you should be familiar with MTN seasons of surprise because it is now becoming an annual event, but in case you are still not aware of what MTN seasons of surprise is, there we go.

The year is quickly coming to an end and we have barely a month plus to bid the year 2018 farewell. And MTN now towards the end of every year have come out with the term MTN seasons of surprise where MTN dolls out lots of giveaways and freebies to their loyal subscribers enjoy. 

Giveaways includes cheap calls, free calling codes, free data and lots of other freebies just to put smiles on the faces of MTN network subscribers and as ways of showing gratitude to MTN customers towards the tail end of the year.

MTN has taken to its social media handle to announce this year’s Seasons of Surprise, and in  their words;

It’s the season of love. We celebrate the moment of joy, happiness, gratitude and heartfelt love in this season of surprise across Nigeria. Give more, show gratitude, love more

What that means is that any moment from now the freebies will start flying into your MTN lines. So stay tuned and make sure that you enjoy this year’s MTN seasons of surprise.

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