I Have Not Received Adsense October/November Payment: Should I Be Worried?

It is normal for Adsense publishers across the globe who have reached their payment threshold in a particular month and whose account is on good standing without any form of payment hold to receive their payments towards the end of the next month, and most times these payments are usually sent out around the 21st date of the next month for previous month earning.

But going by comments flying around in different forums and social media platform, it seems that many Adsense publishers that have reached the Adsense payment threshold have not still received their payments for October earnings, which are due for this November payment and many of them have been worried about the development and have been seeking to know if it is normal or if there is something wrong somewhere. 

First of all, we want to say that if you have not received your Adsense payment due for this month payment, we assure that you are not alone and other Adsense publishers across the globe are also facing similar thing. Whether you are a publisher in Nigeria, Bosnia, Canada, Uk, India etc, many are also currently waiting for payment and it is not a case of a particular region.

Now, the main question remains: As an adsense publisher, is there any need for you to be worried that your payment has not been sent this November?

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Now, here is it; Adsense team comprises of workers like every other normal organization you can think of, working round the clock to make sure they keep different activities of the company working properly. In the Adsense help centre on Payment related matters, Adsense clearly stated that Adsense payment are normally issued between the 21st to 26th date of the payment due month and again, depending on countries time zones, there can be slight variation in date to the stated payment time frame.

Now what that means is that Adsense payments are normally issued between the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th. If for the past years you are used to receiving Adsense payment around 21st and 22nd but this time around you have not received payment and today is already 26th, should you get worried? 

The answer is capital NO, and the reason why you shouldn’t get worried is that firstly, Adsense stipulated payment time frame has not been exceeded. Secondly even after today and if by tomorrow being 27th and you find out that you and some other publishers have not yet receive payment, we advise that you should still remain calm.

Again, we will like you to know that this is holiday seasons and Adsense teams don’t usually process payment during holidays and last week Thursday, which is 22nd that fell within Adsense payment date was Thanksgiving Day and holiday in the United State, where most of its activities are operated from. Then we have Friday 23rd, which is designated as Black 
Friday, although not a Holiday and following is Saturday and Sunday, which are not normal working days. At these days, activities are usually slow.

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While those might not be connected to the reason behind the delay in payment, but like we mentioned earlier that Adsense teams are like every other normal workers that are not devoid of challenges at any time no matter how big you perceived the company to be. Adsense team issue payment to thousands of publishers across the globe monthly, with that alone, one should expect or know that distribution or payment challenge is possible for such payment logistics that involves myriads publishers.

Information we got on the real cause of the payment delay per say for this month is that there appear to be technical problems and Adsense engineers are aware of it and they are working in top gear to make sure they fix the issue within the shortest possible time so they can continue to issue payment to those with pending payment. And as a publisher you are all urged to exercise patience, for the moment the whole issue is rectified, your pending payment will immediately be sent out.

This is not the first time that Adsense publishers are experiencing some form of technical issues related to other aspect of their publisher accounts, like adsense metrics (CPC, estimated earnings, CTR etc) not adding up even when there are activities on the publishers platform were Adsense ads are served.

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