How To Easily Bypass CAPTCHA On Websites

CAPTCHA is a program written to help distinguish between human and robots mostly web visitors, and it is usually adopted as web security measures as a way of fighting spam and preventing automated extraction of data by malicious agents from websites.

The acronym CATPCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart and it is often presented in form different challenges that you need to complete in order to proceed to viewing the content of websites or advancing to the next page of websites maybe during registration or signing up on some websites.

In recent times one of the most common CAPTCHA’s people do encounter while trying to visit some websites is a simple puzzle that is usually presented in the form of 9 boxes with varying and some sort of similar images and that requires you to complete the puzzle by selecting all images from only boxes that contains a particular/highlighted object or item above the 9 boxes. 

The highlighted items most times are for you to select boxes with car images, bus, crossway, bridges, etc. and all you need to do to forge ahead and continue with your web visit is for you to select all the right boxes that contains the image of the highlighted item and then click on verify. If all your selections are correct, you will immediately be required to submit and proceed, otherwise you will be presented with another set of challenges to complete before advancing.

Now surprisingly to note, many web visitors see CAPTCHA as a pain in the neck and consider it as a time wasting process completing those puzzles before accessing contents of some websites that have adopted CAPTCHA and it is not very uncommon to see people finding for an easy way to bypass CAPTCHA.

Ordinarily, many web visitors would prefer the content of the website they are visiting to load almost immediately without any sort delay, but unfortunately some sites don’t just load immediately and you might just need to complete that CAPTCHA to proceed.

So in today’s post we will like to show you a very easy way that you can use to bypass some websites CAPTCHA described above. Note that it is note all the websites with CAPTCHA that you can easily bypass with the method that we are going to be showing you, and therefore you might still need to just complete the CAPTCHA puzzle on some websites for you to forge ahead depending on how the CAPTCHA program has been configured.

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Without further ado, to easily bypass CAPTCHA on certain websites, when you  visit a website and the reCAPTCHA window that first ask the question “Are you a human” appears and that requires you to tick the box with the “I’m not a robot” tag in order to proceed first to solving the CAPTCHA puzzle. 

Now to bypass the reCAPTCHA, when presented, do not tap to tick the “I’m not a robot” box, just refresh/reload your browser page of the websites you are visiting and the CAPTCHA page will be bypassed and the content of the website you are visiting will be loaded almost immediately.

As we have mentioned, some CAPTCHAs are programed to be easily bypassed with that method, whereas for some, you have to complete the CAPTCHA puzzle to proceed, but since it is an easy method described above, it won’t cost you anything by first just reloading any CAPTCHA adopted website that you come across.

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