Operational Readiness: Knowing if Your System Is Readier Than the Environment

Operational readiness comes towards the end of the project before the handover. It is a point where the people who are taking over are prepared in how to handle the project henceforth. A lot has to be put in place by the experts to avoid any challenges. Technology has become available to make things more professional today. With the Operational Readiness Software, both sides will have a smooth transition, and only a few challenges or none at all will be experienced.

One of the precautions the operational readiness and commissioning managers complete is to check if the system is readier than the environment. Even though it sounds an easy task, it is one that requires a careful planning of events and setting the system right if needed.

Was the Team Trained Early Enough?

According to experts, you cannot take a month to prepare a team that is taking over the project. It is highly recommended that this transition take not less than a year. Megaprojects take up to two years before it is concluded that everyone will run their parts smoothly when the handover is completed.

Most importantly, the CEO and all managers need to know every detail of the project to be in a position to handle any maintenance and repair projects in the future. Some projects have machinery that requires daily operations, and the technicians must also understand this.

Is the Project Speaking the Same Language as the Operation?

Other crucial areas that need to speak one language are the project and operations. In most cases, operations are continuation of the project. If there is some hitch anywhere, then things are not ready. When a project is planned, some of the employees have experience in operations so that they can provide continuity in their incorporation of actions and procedures.

Several meetings and the process of working together during the OR period will also iron out things that are not understood. However, most of the procedures should be straightforward and easy to work with. Only after these things come together can you conclude that the system is readier than the environment.

Can the Systems Be Updated?

Whether it is the hardware, software or the operational procedures, they need to be in a position to get updates over time. Projects that do not have such provisions may make the operations impossible in the future when the technology and procedures become outdated.
During the OR period, both parties will look at the issues and make the necessary decisions. When the people taking over are involved in planning for the system installation, then such issues will be discussed and a solution found early enough.


The operational readiness period is important for any project no matter how small it may look. Several things have to be examined to make sure that they fall in place well. When the system is not yet ready, then the handover should not happen yet.

With good collaboration between the two parties, there should be no challenges whatsoever. Operational readiness will be an automatic success, and the project will flow without a challenge when the operational team takes over.

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