How To Get Glo 5.2GB For N100 And 10.4GB For N200, Valid For 30days

As we gradually approach towards the end of this beautiful year 2018, it has become routine that GSM network operators in the country often seem to surprise their customers with mouth watery offers in periods like these, and today we have such an offer awaiting every Glo subscribers that want to key into it and start enjoying like some are already doing.

Data is gradually becoming cheaper and voluminous by the day and we are here to give you a good news and we know that you will love it; just as the topic suggest, we want to show you how to get Glo 5.2GB with just N100 or 10.4GB for N200, which are valid for 30 days.

Without even wasting your time, follow the simple step below to get 5.2GB with N100 or 10.4GB with N200 on your Glo line;

  With your new or old glo SIM, migrate to Glo Jollic8 by dialling *603#

•  After migrating, recharge line with N100 or N200 through any of the available electronic channels like online, mobile app, Bank USSD code, VTU etc. Do not use a paper recharge card

  If you recharge with N100 you will get 5.2GB automatically credited to your data bonus balance while if you recharge with N200, you will get 10.4GB credited to your data balace

•  To check your Glo data balance at any time, dial #122#

Note that this particular offer is SIM selective and might not work on few SIMs, but most SIMs are eligible and we found out that newer SIMs are more eligible than older ones but that is not to say that you can’t get it with your old SIMs. If your current SIM is not eligible you can try getting a new Glo SIM and follow the steps above to know if it will be eligible.

Happy surfing!

How To Get Glo 5.2GB For N100 And 10.4GB For N200, Valid For 30days How To Get Glo 5.2GB For N100 And 10.4GB For N200, Valid For 30days Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 6:53:00 AM Rating: 5

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  1. it is now 51mb for N100 and 100mb for N200.
    glo has scaled down the volume of the bonus data


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