Your Smartphone Also Needs Rest: It Is Time To Start Using The Schedule Power On & Off Feature

Like every other machine that you run on daily bases to perform your tasks and you switch them on and off periodically to allow for cooling and some rest in order to work efficiently, your smartphone is also a machine on its own that also needs some rest in order to serve you optimally.

Some of you don’t even care for your phone and you use your phones constantly from morning until night multi-tasking, but you never for once recall that your smartphone like every other working machine needs some rest from time to time.

To many of you out there, once there is 24hours power supply or an alternative source of power supply to keep your phone on, you will continue to enslave your smartphone without giving it some break, thereby continually reducing the efficiency of your device.

Have you ever bothered to know why your smartphone gets hot on constant usage and should that not even be enough reason to let  you that your smartphone needs break to at least recover from excessive usage.

Normally, once the processor of your smartphone, which serves as the engine room, gets overworked, there is bound to be increase in temperature of your smartphone and at this point you need to cut your device some slacks and allow it some rest time before continuing.

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And the question here is that do you even recall that your smartphones come with the Power schedule On/Off feature that allows you to even automate the rest time that that your smartphone requires for optimal and efficient performance?

Now, here is it; there is the Power Schedule On/Off feature on your smartphone and this feature allows you to simply schedule when you want your phone to be automatically powered off for rest and also automatically switched on at your convenience.

Smartphones normally comes with pre-installed apps while you download other apps manually for your routine task. Some of these apps constantly work in the background and keep your devices always busy and while some are low power consumers, some of them are known to be battery gulpers.

With the Power Schedule On/Off feature on your smartphone, you can actually decide to fix a time for your phone to go off and at least have some desired rest before coming on again to continue to serve you.

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You might want to use the Power Schedule On/Off feature on your device when you are in a meeting, while on transit, in a very noisy and busy environment or even when you are taking a nap and by so doing, as you are resting your device is also resting.

Wouldn’t it be nice that you woke up from slumber feeling hale and hearty and your smartphone also woke up at the same time with you also feeling refreshed and sound ready to take you for another round of task in an optimally manner?.

Finally, this is the time to start seeing your smartphone as machine tool that also deserve maximum attention and rest, and why not start putting to use the Power Schedule On/Off feature today on your smartphone; This feature can easily be accessed in most smartphones through the Settings>>Schedule Power on & off menu. 

Your Smartphone Also Needs Rest: It Is Time To Start Using The Schedule Power On & Off Feature Your Smartphone Also Needs Rest: It Is Time To Start Using The Schedule Power On & Off Feature Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 12:42:00 PM Rating: 5

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