Get Ntel 12GB Data For N1000 Now

Ntel is offering its loyal subscribers opportunity to enjoy 12GB of data for as low as N1000 for a full year and you too can enjoy this offer.

All it takes to be part of this Ntel offer of 12GB for N1000 offer is to get for yourself a 4G network supported smartphone and an Ntel special SIM known as WAWU SIM and then  you too can start enjoying the offer like never before.

Recall that you need a smartphone that would support Ntel network frequency band before you can hook up to the Ntel 4G LTE service and also start to enjoy this latest offer, and for that you should check if your smartphone supports band 3 or band 8. 

If your smartphone does not support any of those bands then you will need to get a smartphone that does for you to be able to partake in the new Ntel 12GB for N1000 data offer.

To get an Ntel WAWU SIM, all you need to do is to visit any ntel designated outlet nearest to you with the N1000 that you will use for the data purchase.

Finally and as we have earlier said, the 12GB cost only N1000 and it is valid for 12 months. 

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