The Major Cause Of Mixed Content Error/Issue On Your Site And How To Fix it

Mixed content on a site is usually a situation whereby your browser tries to load a webpage contents on secure HTTPs WWW scheme but on the process some of the resources such as images videos, scripts etc. are loaded over the insecure HTTP WWW scheme with the same contents.

This type of condition normally creates security threat problems on such webpages that it occurs and also affects users experience in a rather very negative manner.

And when you load sites on HPPTS having mixed content errors on some browsers, instead of completely loading the contents in HTTPS and displaying the normal symbolic green padlock secured sign to the left of the browser address bar, you might end up getting a warning notification still signifying that the webpage visited is not secured.

There are several causes of mixed content errors, which may range from on-page error due to the way you mixed up http and https links on such pages to the way your site template developer uses both http and https in designing the template.

But in all we have found out that the major causes of mixed content error on webpages is the layout of the site theme, where such theme designer end up using both http and https on the entire website layout.

Such design end up creating mixed content errors especially when those resources listed earlier carry the http prefix link but you are trying to load the webpage over a https secure connection.

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Now, so long as you have access and can edit the template codes of your website and you have enabled secured certification or layer for your site, then you should be able to fix up mix content error on your entire webpage and improve their performance.

•  To fix mixed content error on your webpage, what you need to do is to go straight to your site template HTML code area; for those on Blogger platform, you can easily access it through the theme>>Edit HTML on your Blogger dashboard and those on Wordpress should head to their htaccess.

  The next step is to do the manual search and edit; at this point you should use the CTRL + F to easily search and locate all links containing http:// on those resources highlighted above and replace each and every one of them with https://

Note that while doing so, you should make sure that those links you are replacing with https:// are capable to load separately on the secure https links without returning any error.

Once you are through with the entire replacement, save your changes and then try reloading your website again, you will notice that you have been able to fix the mix content error as your pages are now displayed with the symbolic secure green padlock to the left of your browser address. 

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