How To Easily Detect A Fake/Cloned Bank SMS Credit Alert

In our continuous bid to keep on fighting and exposing all manners of tech scam, we are putting up this for the general public and we urge you to see it more as a security awareness article and you should really take it to heart and practice what we are going to be exposing here.

Constantly scammers have developed hideous and crafty means to fleece their unsuspecting target victims off their valuables; and one of the methods that scammers have developed and that we are particular about this moment is the use of different bulk/customise SMS services to send out fake/cloned Bank SMS credit alert to their transaction partners, making them to actually think they received real credit alert from the supposedly bank and at the end giving up their belongings in the process to the scammer.

As we earlier stated, this is more of awareness campaign and we are urging you to use this opportunity to be more vigilant when transacting with people out there and more so whenever you receive bank SMS credit alert from unknown folks out there.

In today’s post we will be pointing out how to easily detect a fake/cloned bank SMS credit alert from scammers.

The method scammer use to send out this fake/cloned SMS bank credit alert is mostly through the use of bulk or customisable SMS services where they will customise the sender’s name to the name of the bank and draft in the text a copy of real bank SMS credit alert.

One thing is for sure, the scammers can draft a copy of real bank SMS credit alert in a customised SMS service platform for onward forwarding to their unsuspecting victims, but one of the features of authentic bank SMS credit alert is that they normally contain the current account balance statement of  bank customers and this is where the scammers often fall short of their conning behaviours, as they are not usually able to know the exact account balance of their targeted victims and therefore in composing the bank SMS credit alert, they often omit that part or just input any figure in there, which on the other hand  will certainly not match that of their targets account balance.

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So in order to easily detect a fake bank SMS alert, you must do these two things to stay safe from scammers out there;

First is that you should always make sure that whenever you receive an SMS bank credit alert from a stranger that you have transactions with, don’t just be in haste to give up your belonging when you receive the alert; always make sure to go through the SMS properly by checking the credit balance quoted in the SMS to see if it corresponds to your actual and current account balance that you have with your bank.

Secondly and a must these days, is when you receive bank SMS credit alert from such people, quickly use any of the online channel or an ATM to check and verify if truly a credit alert transaction was recoded in your bank account before continuing whatever transactions that you might be having.

Finally, by constantly putting these into practice any time you carry out transactions with complete strangers, you will be able to checkmate the activities of scammers that use the method of sending out fake/cloned bank SMS credit alert to con people. 

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