Gone Are The Days When Airtel Is Data Zapper And Glo Grandmasters Of Data

They say the only constant thing is change and if you have noticed, things are quickly and constantly changing with the major GSM network providers in the country.

Few years back airtel subscribers were so frustrated with the way airtel data burn rate was programmed, it was in such a manner that the data burns at the speed of light and to the extent that airtel customers has no other choice than to nickname airtel network as data zappers.

Then you will mostly hear how airtel subscribers continuously complain about their data bundle not lasting and how it finishes quickly, some will even tell you that without any form of download that their 3GB data was “zapped” within few days.

But going by what is currently obtainable on Airtel data plans, you will notice that all manner of zapping has been fixed and Airtel now has one of the best or say normal data burn rate in the market and airtel customers have been happy with the development, thus the are quickly picking up their abandoned airtel SIM once again for data subscriptions.

On the other hand, Glo used to be the networks with cheapest data plans and to a point that Glo customers began to accept Glo slogan of being the grandmaster for data.

In fact then, the data bundle plan obtainable with Glo network is most times twice the size of those offered by other network providers at the same price range.

But it was sad to see Glo recently slashing down data bundle sizes to make them come somewhat at par with waht other competing networks are offering and therefor currently calling Glo the grandmaster of data is now sounding offensive to many Glo subscribers and they now see the slogan as past glory.

Finally, it is now certified that Airtel is no longer the data zapper in town and Glo is no longer grandmaster of data, and maybe other network providers will soon take over from that title or better still they should maintain their status quo.
Gone Are The Days When Airtel Is Data Zapper And Glo Grandmasters Of Data Gone Are The Days When Airtel Is Data Zapper And Glo Grandmasters Of Data Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 4:52:00 PM Rating: 5

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  1. Amen ooO I pray make mtn&9mobile emulate this new development from airtel&globacom.


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