See The Cheapest 4G LTE Network Phone, It Cost Only $60 (N19,500)

By now you will all agree with us that 4G LTE network is now current and the future of high speed internet connectivity as 3G network is quickly fading out.

When it comes to high-speed browsing or internet connectivity, the benefit of having a smartphone that supports 4G LTE network cannot be overemphasised; little wonder that all the GSM network operators in the country have quickly adopted the 4G LTE network technologies and now offer the services to subscribers.

On a normal occasion, you should expect a phone with 4G LTE network support to cost more than its 2nd variant that lacks 4G LTE network, and it is common notion that 4G LTE smartphones are quite pricey and 4G LTE network is often regarded as premium feature in a phone.

We know that some of you at a point in time might have sorted to acquire smartphone strictly because of its 4G LTE network feature but might have not yet done so due to high price of such devices.

But today we want to present to you the cheapest 4G LTE phone that you can acquire for yourself with only $60 (N19,500).

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Funny enough this phone is a low end device and if not because of the 4G LTE network feature that will be a tempting factor; you might not desire such a device with 512MB RAM and 1650mAh battery in this present era.

And the device is question is the Alcatel One Touch Pixi or simply Alcatel Pixi 3; the Alcatel Pixi 3 has a 4G LTE variant that cost only about $60 (N19,500) and it is currently available and selling in many phone market at that price.

Therefore if you are very low on budget but must get a smartphone with 4G LTE network feature, then you should look in the direction of getting an Alcatel Pixi 3 device for yourself.
See The Cheapest 4G LTE Network Phone, It Cost Only $60 (N19,500) See The Cheapest 4G LTE Network Phone, It Cost Only $60 (N19,500) Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 9:37:00 AM Rating: 5

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