3 Reasons Why Quickteller App Is Better Than Individual Bank Mobile App

With the emergence of mobile banking technology, virtually all commercial banks in the country have their mobile app for quick and easy banking transactions.

But aside from these mobile banking apps, there are also other apps available for carrying out mobile banking transactions in similar manner you use bank mobile apps, and these other apps can serve as perfect replacement in the absence of any bank mobile apps.

We have apps like Quickteller, Paga, Voguepay etc. out of which Quickteller is more pronounced and most used.

These apps also offer equal security features as bank mobile apps and amazing supports from the developers in case of any glitch that might arise on the cause of usage.

In fact with Quickteller app, there are numerous advantages it offer ahead of individual bank mobile apps, and in that vein, we are going to be highlighting the 3 reasons why the 
Quickteller app is better than those individual mobile bank apps.

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Without further ado, here are the 3 reasons you should embrace Quickteller app ahead of your mainstream individual bank mobile apps;

1. Quickteller app is more universal than the individual bank mobile apps; for example, with a single Quickteller app you can register any bank or multiple banks with it and use it for your transactions, unlike the individual bank apps that allows transactions to be effected only from the single bank app, and if you need to do other banks transactions, it will entail installing each and every individual bank mobile app that you will want to make use of. 

2. Quickteller has a cheaper interbank fund transfer transaction fees; while Quickteller charges a flat rate of N100 in all inter-bank transactions, individual bank apps charge N105 transaction fees for inter-bank fund transfer transactions.

3. The Quickteller app is more robust, has more varieties of transactions and hardly experience downtime services like the many downtimes that is often obtainable in some of the individual bank mobile apps.

But funny enough, most bank customers do forget to make use of the Quickteller app, which is readily available, even in the events that their bank mobile app is failing them, maybe as result of maintenance services causing app downtime.
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