How To Transfer Airtime Credit From Airtel Line To Other Networks

Prior to now airtime credit transfer was only allowed within the same network; for instance, you can only transfer airtime from one Airtel line to another Airtel line or MTN to MTN, but due to the dynamic nature and increasing innovations, things are always changing for the better as you can now transfer airtime from airtel line to another network entirely.

Today our mission is simple, and it is to show you how you can easily transfer airtime credit from any airtel line to other networks such as MTN, Glo, Etisalat and even Visafone.

Without even wasting a single time, we will be taking you straight on how to transfer airtel airtime credit to other networks.

To transfer airtime credit from airtel line to other networks follow the steps below;

·     On your phone with airtel line, dial *432#

·     If you like, you can change transfer PIN first by replying with 3 noting that the default transfer PIN is 1234, else reply with 2 to transfer airtime to other network

·     Reply with the number that corresponds to the network you want to transfer the airtime to

·     Input the network mobile number of the recipient and send

·     Reply with the number that corresponds to the amount of airtime that you want to transfer

·     Enter your PIN and send

·     Confirm transactions by replying with 1 and viola you are done.

Note that it attracts a service fee of only N10 per transfer; we noticed that the service is temporarily unavailable but will be restored in due time according to Airtel.

So you can try again later if it didn’t work for you currently.
How To Transfer Airtime Credit From Airtel Line To Other Networks How To Transfer Airtime Credit From Airtel Line To Other Networks Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 8:10:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. I followed the instructions and instead of transferring the airtime to the number I inputted, they transferred the money to a number I don't even know.. please I need them to refund my money..

  2. ..So this information is not valid?

  3. Airtel are just messed up

  4. It works for me.
    I transferred airtime of N100 to my other Glo line. And Airtel credited it within some seconds.

  5. I have been trying to perform this same transaction for three days now and it just did not if possible, I seriously think there should be a short coad that just needs to be diled

  6. I was try to transfer airtime from airtel to another network not going

    1. I won't to transfer credit to MTN network in this airtel SIM card

  7. Its not working. Keeps saying inactive account!

  8. I have been trying this over a month but not going

  9. I tried to send airtime but it was sent to a number I didn't know, what is this shit? ...500 just like that to another number

  10. It only worked for airtel to airtel when I did it. Since yesterday till this moment it hasn't worked for airtel to MTN. Airtel is fucked up

  11. Airtel is not working. So someone cann't share airtime to andother network haba.

  12. I can't even find d airtel to other numbers on my Me2u menu

  13. No options for Airtel to other network

  14. Only works for Airtel users

  15. Nawa for Airtel ooo

  16. Stupid company,jealous and stingy.

  17. this thing vexed me today i cant transfer airtime to mtn this is so stupid i cant use this fucking network again so stupid company


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