How I Stabilize Psiphon MTN BBLITE Browsing Network With UCbrowser

If you have been using Psiphon with MTN BBLITE tweak network in the past and presently on your android, you will agree with me that sometimes you encounter network freezes, especially when you leave your phone idle for some time.

And when the network freeze occurs, the Psiphon remains connected but you will notice that you are not able to browse unless you a kind of refresh the network or Psiphon by disconnecting and re-connecting.

Now we have a way of refreshing the network in most cases without you always having to disconnect and reconnect.

And this method involves a simple way of using your UCbrowser.

UCbrowser is a wonderful and one of the fastest browsers out there, and if you are not yet using it, you should consider yourself as missing in action.

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It is lightweight browser and allows connection to the internet in fast and seamless manner.

Now for those of you mostly using other browsers like your android browser, Chrome etc. to access the internet with Psiphon MTN BBLITE tweak, you will encounter more of the network freezes that we described above than those using UCbrowser.

UCbrowser has a way of freeing up the frozen network and stabilizing it.

Here is how you can also use UCbrowser to stabilize your Psiphon MTN BBLITE network in case of network freeze resulting from inactivity.

If you mostly use other browsers aside UCbrowser with your Psiphon MTN BBLITE browsing tweak, and you notice that at some point your network freezes (disappeared) and won’t browser at that moment, just do the following to stabilize it and get it going again without 

·     At that point, launch your UCbrowser

·     Use the UCbrowser to try to browse by visiting light weight site like or – you will notice that it will try to connect by struggling with the network and within some seconds, it will eventually stabilize the network and have it going.

·     Now you can go back to your favourite browser and start browsing again as your network has been refreshed.

This comes in very handy as disconnecting Psiphon and trying to reconnect in order to refresh the network sometimes take long to connect, but by following the method proffered above, it can save you lots of time and stressful reconnection.
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