What the heck do Google Adsense meant by insufficient content!?

As an intending Google Adsense publisher or even as an Adsense publisher, I am quite sure that most of you on the process of trying to get Adsense approval, might have gotten the Insufficient Content reason from Adsense for your application not be approved to serve Google ads on your blog/website.

Sometimes you kept wondering what this insufficient content could mean especially when you know that you have 100+ pages on your blog/website and you are still being denied approval as a result of Insufficient Content.

But have you taken out time before to look at these two combinations of words Insufficient content and to see how they play out in your Adsense application being denied.

Now let’s take a closer look at those words and what Google Adsense really meant by them.
In the blogosphere, Insufficient Content is ambiguous, in that it has additional meaning from the literal perspective.

We can say here that Insufficient Content pertains to either the quantity of unique pages you have on your blog/website or the length of words in each of your single page.

Remember that when we talk of your blog page(s) here, each unique blog post is classified a single page. In other words anytime you hear us mention blog page, you can equally replace it with blog post.

Whether blog posts or pages, they comprises of what you often regard as content, which is the heartbeat of blogging and why bloggers are often regarded as content creators.

Having understood that, remember also that we are focusing on Insufficient Content and not just content alone. So, adding the word Insufficient to content which we have dissected above, you now get not enough content(s) for your blog/website to be approved of Adsense.

Now I have succeeded in presenting to you the meaning of Insufficient Content to either be quantity of unique pages in your blog/website, or the length of words in each of the pages. 

And as I have mentioned earlier that sometimes you notice you have 100+ pages, which you assume should be enough, but still greeted with insufficient content message from Adsense when applying for Adsense.

When you keep on getting this type of message on the course of your Adsense application, as a sharp person, you are left with no other option than for you to go back to your pages and check the length of words in them.

I am sure at this point that when you do that, you might be shocked yourself and  having read up to this extent, you will notice that most of your blog posts are very short and not even up to 400 words and that is simply the reason why you still get the insufficient content message from Adsense.

Google on their part pays more attention to quality and value that each of your blog page can offer to your prospective readers, and in most cases, they believe that writing more (not rambling) tend to produce more value. To large extents they are right, because you can’t expect say a 3 sentence content to produce more juice that will satisfy readers than contents with multiple hundreds words.

Even in Search Engine ranking, you will easily notice that longer, well-crafted blog posts perform better than their shorter versions.

You now see that Google even value just 10 unique and lengthy blog posts than 100+ very short blog posts without much meat. That is the reason why you hear some say that with only 10 blog posts or even less, they got Adsense approval with their blog whereas you with 100+ posts, you are still being greeted  with Insufficient Content message.

Finally, it pays to always take out your time in crafting contents that will always be of values to your readers and in order to keep Webmasters Policies flag flying high and all in all keep the entire web that you and I use sanitized. Hey…remember “Content is King

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  1. I have always wondered what Google meant by that statement “insufficient content” and how to take care of it…
    This post has been able to clear that, now I know what Google means, a lot of bloggers still get bounced by Google, when you know the source of a problem, it’s half solved…
    Thanks for this post bro and for sharing on kingged.com

  2. I have always wondered what Google meant by that statement “insufficient content” and how to take care of it…
    This post has been able to clear that, now I know what Google means, a lot of bloggers still get bounced by Google, when you know the source of a problem, it’s half solved…
    Thanks for this post bro and for sharing on kingged.com

  3. You have cleared the issue what do Google really meant by insufficient content. We could apply these tips here to Google Adsense and actually get approved. A solid suggestion on how to make sure you get your own approved account. The blogger/marketer should make sure that his site is fully developed with content, logo and etc.

    Valuable share, thanks!

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I "kingged" it and left this comment.

  4. I quite agree with some of your tips. When I first apply for adsense I was having on 19 posts on my blog www.justhealthng.blogspot.com and google reject my approval for insufficient content. I knew it can't it be insufficient content cos all my posts were lenghty and original. Even photos I used on my blog then were credited to the source. I went back to read their adsense policies and I discovered that google will never give you complete reasons for disapproving your account. You just have to learn and follow their policies for acceptance. What I did was to remove all adverts on my blog, label all my posts, add archive, changed my template and that was all. Then I applied again. Five days later I got an email that my account has been approved. Since then with my little experience I have also help others get theirs too approved for adsense. So sometimes it not just original content. Your posts must have paragraphs, headings and few links. Pop ups on your blog must not be more than one. And many other things. Once your blog is easily navigatable and user friendly it google will approve your account. That is my own adsense experience.

    1. I am glad you gave example with your blog and also went ahead to identifying other key things necessary for Adsense approval.

      Thank a alot Mazino and do have a great weekend

  5. Hi Edwin
    This is an informative one especially the one who are waiting for the approval of adsense account. Its very sad to note that even after having sufficient post sometimes Google deny the opportunity to join in, many get frustrated and give up. But for such people this is a good post, one of my friend was recently asking me this same doubt to me and I shared some of my knowledge with him. As far as I am concerned I could not go through such an experience, since in the beginning stage itself I mean with in a short span of 3 months, i got the account number. But in many cases i have noticed that generally Google take a minimum of 6 months sometimes more than that. Anyways this is an informative one for the one who are opting for an account at Google’s adsense.
    Thanks Edwin for sharing this
    Keep writing
    Keep sharing
    ~ Philip
    Hey, Edwin I found this post at kingged.com and I kingged it and posted this comment there
    Thanks again for your effort to write such an informative note.
    Keep it up.

  6. my website "www.primefone.com" has nearly 500 pages and proper user guidence, can someone like to teach me ,why google reject my website by saying
    "insufficent content".

  7. this is really helpful to me.I had made all the changes as you said in www.expertalby.com still it argues insufficient content where it has 200+ unique posts.
    I need some expert advice

  8. Replies
    1. Hi Olumikel,

      You are highly welcome and thank you very much for dropping by

  9. It would be like telling your paperboy one night that you no longer want the paper buy genuine adsense accounts

  10. Thankyou so much for writing a detailed article on this "Insufficient Content" problem. Out of all the articles that I have read till now on the internet, only this one cleared out the fog around "Insufficient Content" . There are only a few sources that actually explain Google adsense rejrction reasons well. Now, UI know what do I need to do next.
    Thanks again!
    P.S is there a software or site that can count the number of words for me in my bloposts? If you know about one then please do share it with me. Because, even after counting the words we still can't be sure "how does google counts words?" What it includes and what it shuns?

  11. Nice Tips dear....

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