The race and craze for smart-watches heat up as Microsoft and HTC double up

The smart-watch technology is one of the modern mobile technologies that have beginning to see the light of the day in our world today. Tech companies are seriously keying into it and consumers on their parts are also increasing their demands for the smart-watches.

At this point we want to say that Samsung Electronics were amongst the pioneering fathers of the smart-watch technologies with their last year releases of the Samsung Galaxy Gear and their early this year release of the Galaxy Gear 2.
The race and craze for smart-watches heat up as Microsoft and HTC double up

Their main competitors in the smart-watch technologies said to be Apple who also have been working towards their own smart-watches but are yet to unveil any at this moment.

Although, last year before Samsung launched their Galaxy Gear, an infamous company, Pebble Technology has already launched smart-watches into the market, but it was when Samsung launched theirs that the craze for the technology sparked up.

As we all know, today is 2nd June, and the awaited Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will be kick-starting any moment from now, and one of the expected devices to be unveiled today by Apple is the long-talked about iWatch.

Apart from Samsung and Apple smart-watches, information we just gathered is that the race for this same technology is even getting more intense as more companies are now flexing their muscles and gearing up toward their own smart-watch release.

Microsoft and HTC are the latest and notable companies that have recently planned the unveiling of their smart-watches any moment from now.

For Microsoft, the rumour has been on for a while ahead of their planned summer release. As we all know that these days there hardly comes rumour without an iota of truth especially in present day technology arena.

The planned Microsoft smart-watches are said will going to be health oriented smart-watches that will be compatible with Windows, Android and Apple smartphones. They are said to be coming along with sensors that are capable of measuring the wearers’ heart rates and then synchronize them with smart-phone apps. They might also come with 1.5-inches touch-screen technology and also removable wrist bands.

Then for that of the Taiwanese company HTC, it seems all have been set for September launch of their smart-watches dubbed “One Wear”.

We also have handfuls of other notable tech companies that have either worked and launched their own smart-watches in the past or are also currently working on them and looking ahead for appropriate launch date.

As you may want to know or might have known by now Motorola with their Moto 360 smart-watches already launched not so long. Adidas is a famous sport company that already had their smart-watches in the market. We also have Sony, Google (Chrome watch) and even LG has also been reported currently working on G-smartwatches.

Now you can see that with all these companies racing up amongst themselves for smart-watches, one can easily begin to cast doubt away and begin to see that the future of smart-watches technologies are turning out brighter by the day.

The race and craze for smart-watches heat up as Microsoft and HTC double up The race and craze for smart-watches heat up as Microsoft and HTC double up Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 1:52:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. Smart watches and other wearable technology could be the future! I am not in the surprised by the different companies producing their own brands of smart watches.

    The competition would be stiff but I am sure Apple is still going to stand out if eventually it unveils the i-Watch. From the features, we may likely see the real direction of wearable technology!

    In, this article was shared for Internet marketers, and I have left the above comment after reading the post.

    Sunday - contributor

  2. Hi Edwin,

    It's all about TREND. Any Tech company that really wants to remain relevant in the Tech Space must be ready to adapts it resources to the latest in the industry.

    When Android started rocking the Mobile market, Nokia turn a deaf hear to it, which really makes them lose alot of market share to mobile manufacturing companies like Samsung & HTC.

    HTC started with windows phones but they have no choice than to switch to android because that is the latest trend of technologies in the mobile tech space.

    I see nothing special when more companies are joining the smart watch race. GOOGLE IS THE PACE SETTERS :) and that is the LATEST TREND of wearable device. it is all about innovation, LET SEE WHAT OTHER COMPANIES JOINING THE RACE HAS TO OFFER

    Thanks for sharing this updates with us

  3. Smart watches seem very cool. Although It would be dangerous carrying it around outside of your house you might not get a chance to see it anymore.
    I didn’t know that HTC thought about creating smart watches. I feel that many teens would be pretty interested
    Have an awesome day ahead!

    More power!


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