Popular touch-screen smartphone game "Temple Run’’ to be replicated in a movie

If you are a game lover that also loves playing smartphone games, especially when it has to with touch screen smartphones, then you most probably have played the popular endless running game ‘’Temple Run’’.

Temple run game was released firs on iOS imagi studio in 2011, but it is now widely available not only on iOS platform but also on androids. Temple run is a very entertaining and wonderful game. 

While on the game, you need to choose a high speed runner capable of running almost endlessly and thereby covering great distances in thousands of metres.
Popular touch screen smartphone game ‘’Temple Run’’ to be replicated in a movie

The runner steals an idol from a temple and run endlessly for his/her dear life as he/she is being chased by a gorilla-like animal. On the process of running, you get to come across so many obstacles along the way which must be overcome and also escape from the ever chasing gorilla. 

As you run, you get to pick coins that are laid on the roads and you also get to jump onto different objects that energizes and boost your speed, protects you from obstacles and increases your lifespan. 

One part I like about the game is that among the runners that you can choose to run with, the popular Jamaican world number one runner Usain Bolt is one of them.

If you have not played the temple run game, I have a feeling that you are missing something here, because the game is better enjoyed when being played that just hearing or reading about it. 

I have personally played and enjoyed it to level 7 of the game. 

We have not gotten pass level 7 and I am still facing some challenges bypassing level &, but hope to get pass to level 8 as I continue to play.

Today, information just reaching us is that just like other games in the past that have been depicted in movies, the temple run game is also getting under way to be replicated in a movie, and the good thing about it is that the movie producer that is going to be behind it, is no other person than the ever scintillating producer in the person of David Herman

Whenever David Herman’s name is mentioned, the movie that immediately echoes in the minds of many is the highly rated and vastly soled Harry Potter movie series.

David Herman was the brain and producer that reinvigorated the Harry Potter novel written by J.K. Rowling by turning it into eight fantasy films series that started with Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone and culminated with Harry Potter and the deathly harrows.

This time around, the much revered film producer name is mentioned again, but not for another Harry Potter series but for the Temple Run movie from the popular Temple Run game which will focus on an explorer, who stole an idol from a temple and chased by demonic forces, which is exactly what the game depicts.

Finally, whenever the temple run movie finally comes in place, I will definitely find a way to lay hand on it and watch it because movies like that are best enjoyed when one has played the game or read about it in a particular book before watching, it becomes very interesting and easier to comprehend.
Popular touch-screen smartphone game "Temple Run’’ to be replicated in a movie Popular touch-screen smartphone game "Temple Run’’ to be replicated in a movie Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 2:55:00 PM Rating: 5


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