Alibaba group hits all time record of single day sales of $5.75 billion

Many of us know and even shop from the famous Chinese e-commerce website Aliexpress, but not everybody know that Aliexpress is simply an offshoot of Alibaba. 

Alibaba group is that China’s largest e-commerce company privately owned and based in eastern China part of Hangzhou where it was founded and it began online operation in the year 2009.

Alibaba group hits all time record of single day sales of $5.75 billion

Since its operation in 2009, the company have been serving not less than 240 countries across the globe with huge varieties of items including electronics, toys, gadget of different kind, clothing, jewelleries, foot wears, and so many other products. 

For that reason, the Alibaba group has even been seen as the world’s largest online business-to-business trading platform for small businesses.

The company has about three major offshoot companies; Alibaba, 1688 and Aliexpress, each serving different purposes and different countries. Alibaba key figures are Jonathan Lu who is the CEO of the company and Ma Yun the executive chairman and it has about 24,000 employees.

One of the peculiar services offered by the company to its clients is the escrow service; a situation whereby buyers money is been held away from the seller and the cash is only remitted to the seller after the buyer of a product has confirmed that the item(s) purchased has been delivered safely to them. 

The escrow service has given the company high trust score ratings and has shielded many buyers from some of the dubious sellers around and that can also be found in other places or other online e-commerce businesses.

Today, Alibaba is said to have broken the single-day online sales record with a single-day sales of about a whopping $5.75billion, topping their last year record of $3.14billion in just a single day sales. 

China biggest shopping holiday period is known as ‘’Singles-day’’ much like the Valentine’s Day in the US, but with the Singles-day unlike the Valentine’s Day, everything is geared towards shopping of varieties of items in that single-day.

So if you have not shopped on Alibaba or Aliexpress before, this is an opportunity for to experience that e-shopping on any of the sites and get your goods at a highly subsidized rate, experience what their escrow service is like and also stand the chance of your goods delivered to your doorstep at absolutely no charge (free shipping) as the case may be.

Alibaba group hits all time record of single day sales of $5.75 billion Alibaba group hits all time record of single day sales of $5.75 billion Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 8:47:00 AM Rating: 5

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