PlayStation 4 Launches on November

I could remember way back then, growing up as a little child and because of my love for video games, I was nicknamed ‘’game master’’. 

And in today’s world, not only kids but adults as well loves and cherishes playing the video game, and whenever video game is mentioned, PlayStation (PS) which has now almost become every household brand name of video games immediately comes to the minds of many.

So, the question here is ‘what is that that actually make the PlayStation console video game absolutely so unique?’ for me , I will simply say quality and the near perfect gaming experience that one usually feel when playing the PS.

For many years now, Sony Computer Entertainment has thrilled the world and mostly game lovers with their PlayStation console video games. 

To say the list, this Japanese company seems not to be relenting at all but rather what can be said of them is that they are still waxing strong in the game industry and making sure they keep the ball rolling when it comes to new and improved PlayStation console releases.

For the game lovers, like I myself, taking you down memory lane of the different PlayStation consoles that have been released, so that we can actually remember where we were coming from, we could recall that the first PlayStation was released in the year 1994, and then, it was simply known as PlayStation. 

Following the release of this PlayStation comes the release of PlayStation 2, commonly known as PS2 in 2000 and this is where the PlayStation video game went viral both in sales and the number of people playing it. PS2 was everywhere not until six (6) years later that PS3 came out to replace it. 

Almost 8 years now that PS3 has been in the market, for me I will say that the PS2 still reign supreme in my location, not because PS2 is better than PS3, but just because what I may say the high cost of obtaining the PS3 CD plate.

Still on the PS3 and still even pushing further, just yesterday, Sony in an event show in Cologne Germany confirmed that the PlayStation 4 console video game will be officially launched on November 15 of this year and that the console will be going for a price tag of $399. 

So we are for sure expecting a highly improved version of the PS3 and what we should do is just to wait patiently and see how the PlayStation 4 will turn out to be. One thing I believe is that Sony hardly disappoints.
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