Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How To Repeatedly Get Free MTN 150MB Music Plus Data And Use It To Browse On PC And Android

Now, this is the bomb browsing tweak that I know many of you will like. With this some of you will not even want to buy MTN data bundle again.

Do you know that you can get MTN Music Plus 150MB data repeatedly and configure it to browse with your android or PC using either Simple Server or Psiphon tweak?

When we say repeated MTN 150MB data, we mean that after getting and exhausting the first 150MB, you can repeat the simple process that we are going to show you to get another 150MB, and you can be getting it on and on even with the same SIM until you get tired of browsing.

Today, we want to make you browse freely and continuously with your MTN line until you get tired of surfing the internet.

Without further ado, follow the simple steps below and enjoy MTN free and repeated 150MB browsing on your PC and or android;

·     With your MTN line, send the letter D in an SMS to 5900 and wait for reply, you will be given free 150MB music plus data; you can confirm that by dialling *559*2#

How to make it browse on your PC and android

For PC users follow steps below;

·     You need Simple Server for PC, download already configured one here

·     It is a zip folder, extract the content of the folder to any suitable location

·     Launch the executable simple server file  and then minimize it

·     Set up your browser proxy configuration as usual to use as Proxy address and 8080 for port and don’t forget to thick the checkbox for bypass proxy server for local address

·     Insert the MTN SIM with the 150MB data inside your modem, connect and start surfing

For android users that want to use Simple Server follow steps below;

·     You will need Simple Server APK, go here to download it and also see the configurations for the simple server.

·      While you are there and setting up your Simple Server, replace the two places you see blackberry.com with musicplus.mtnonline.com

·     After the setup, start up the simple server and start browsing.

For Android users that will prefer to use Psiphon as simple server alternative, follow steps below

·     You need Psiphon handler APK, go here to download and also see set up there

·     While there at the setup, keep every settings the way they are and only change the place you see web.blackberry.com to web.musicplus.mtnonline.com

·     After that, connect your Psiphon and start browsing.

Finally and remember we said repeated 150MB; so whenever you exhaust the 150 MB and need another 150MB, opt out by sending Cancel7d in an SMS to 5900, wait for SMS confirmation after which you can opt in again by sending D to 5900
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See How Cheap Glo And MTN Internet Data Subscriptions Are In Ghana As Compared To Nigeria!

Most times it keeps beating my imagination how or why Internet data subscription rates are so high in Nigeria, and it is these same major GSM network providers operating in other African countries that are operating in Nigeria.

While the costs of internet data in those other countries are very cheap, the ones being offered to Nigerians remain on the high side.

Even the Glo that is owned by Nigerian still offer Ghana and other African countries far cheaper internet data rate than Nigeria, isn’t that appalling?

Now let’s look at some of the cost of internet data subscriptions by MTN and Glo in Ghana and see if you have ever gotten such types of gestures here in Nigeria.

In Ghana, every time you do a Glo data subscription with 40 or more than 40 Ghanaian Cedi, which is equivalent to about 2000 Nigerian Naira, instead of 3.2GB, you will be giving 200% bonus data, making it to be 9.6GB.

In other words, it is like saying they charge Ghanaians N2000 for 9.6GB.

If you decide to do 10GB data subscription with your Glo line in Ghana, which is 80 Cedis (N4000), Glo will give you 30GB worth of data.

For MTN in Ghana, you can subscribe for unlimited data at night (12midnight to 5am) with only 3 Cedis (N150).

You can also decide to do MTN unlimited 1 month subscription in Ghana for 160 Cedis (N8000)

But down here in Nigeria, you cannot even get any network provider that offer real unlimited data and the little data that MTN and Glo offer you are at exorbitant prices.

What is really happening, why is that internet data in those other countries are far cheaper than those being offer in Nigeria by the same companies.

Probably one of the major reasons why people will always tweak their devices in order to get those data at cheaper rate.
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Monday, November 23, 2015

Gionee M5 VS Innjoo 2

Today, we are going to be looking out at the differences between these two newly launched and wonderful devices, Gionee M5 and Innjoo 2.

Gionee M5 was first launched about few months ago while Innjoo 2 is barely 3 days old as of today that we are putting up this article.

Acquiring any of these two devices can make your December Xmas gift to yourself or loved one worthwhile.

I can assure you that you will not regret going for any of these MTK devices before the year runs out.

Looking at both devices closely, you will see the genuine need that calls for urgent comparison between them.

And that is exactly what we are going to be doing.

In our comparison here, we go straight to bringing out only the variations in major specs, bearing in mind that other features not listed out are common to both devices we are comparing.

Without further ado, here are the major variations in specs between Gionee M5 and Innjoo 2;

·     Firstly and the obvious variation between them can be seen in their display sizes and types; as Gionee M5 features 5.5 AMOLED display, Innjoo 2 on the other hand came with 5.0inches dragon tail IPS display.

·     Secondly is their processors; while Gionee M5 spots 1.5GHz quad core MediaTek MT6735 chipset with Maili-T760 GPU, Innjoo 2 came with 1.3GHz Octa core MediaTek MT6753 chipset with Maili-T720 GPU

·     Coming down to their camera pixel; Gionee M5 came with 13MP and 5MP back and front camera whereas Innjoo 2 spots 13MP and 13MP back and front shooter

·     Gionee M5 does not come with any finger print sensor whereas Innjoo 2 features a back finger print scanner

·     Coming down to battery capacity; Gionee M5 is packed with whopping 6020mAh Li-ion battery while the Innjoo 2 came with 3200mAh battery and with fast charge technology.

We will also like to notify you of this little difference; as the Gionee M5 came with unique microSD card slot, Innjoo2 to on the other hand is without any unique microSD card as the SIM2 slot doubles as its microSD card slot.

Finally on the pricing, Gionee M5 is currently selling in most phone retail outlets for $210 (N42,000), while Innjoo 2 will be selling for $180 (N36,000)
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If I Give You Latest Infinix Note 2 IMEI, What Are You Going To Do With It?

I know that at the mention of the latest and about to be launched Infinix Note 2 (Infinix Big 6) IMEI, those that enjoy tweaking so much would have already gotten their eyes stood like that of a rabbit.

And yes, I know that tweakers out there might need this IMEI in case Jumia which would be the major dealers of Infinix Note 2 when it launches now decides to offer free or subsidized MTN, Airtel, Glo or Etisalat data that will be unique to the Infinix Note 2 as they have done in the past with previously launched devices.

And if Jumia finally decide to offer free data that will be unique to the upcoming Infinix Note 2, you should know the remaining part of what to do in order to tap from the goodies that will be associated with it

By now we believe you now know the potential of having the latest Infinix Note IMEI.

Some of you might be thinking that it is impossible to get the IMEI of a phone that is yet to be launched but there is a Chinese proverb that goes like this “the person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it”.

IMEI tweakers can easily confirm the authenticity of the Infinix Note 2 IMEI that we are going to be dropping.

We shall be dropping the first 10 digits of the Infinix Note 2 IMEI so tweakers can be warming with it and anticipating that Jumia does the needful when the time comes.

The official launch date for the Infinix Note 2 is coming up on the 27th of this month which is Black Friday when loads of offline and online shopping would be taking place.

Finally and lest we forget, here is the first 10 digits IMEI of the latest and about to be launched Infinix Note 2 for your possible tweaking pleasure…..3545530700
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How To Make Free MTN Night Calls With N0.00

Where are the night crawlers, as this will absolutely suit you and for those who like making midnight calls.

Remember that you are only able to make free MTN midnight calls only when you have at least N100 on your account balance, but here is a way for you to be able to make free night call to all MTN line with absolutely N0.00

I am not asking you to start waking up at midnight all the time soley because you want to make free call, there are many circumstances that can naturally keep you awake at midnight, like those that like reading in the middle of the night, emergency situations, those that like doing their businesses at night etc.

But whatever be your reason of staying awake at night, you can equally enjoy this free midnight call with N0.00 credit balance so far you have an MTN line.

To start making MTN to MTN free midnight calls with N0.00, all you need to do is to freely migrate to MTN BizClass with your MTN line by dialling the code *460*3#

After which you can start calling any MTN line between the hours of 12:30AM to 4:30AM

I know some of you have girlfriends and boyfriends you like talking to with bedroom voice at odd hours of the day, this package will also be suitable for you.
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Sunday, November 22, 2015

GTBank Introduces Virtual Pre-paid MasterCard For Additional Online Security

First of all, you might want to ask; what is a virtual pre-paid MasterCard?

Virtual pre-paid MasterCard is almost the same thing with your normal pre-paid (reloadable) MasterCard, but unlike your normal pre-paid MasterCard that is physical and tangible, the virtual pre-paid MasterCard is not a physical card.

With virtual pre-paid MasterCard, you are only supplied with all the major card details needed for online transactions; card details like card number, card expiry date and CVV.

Virtual pre-paid MasterCard is known to provide additional security to online shoppers and also one very good thing about it is that it cannot be stolen, since it does not exist physically.

You can easily fund the new GTBank Virtual Pre-paid MasterCard via fund transfer on your GTbank internet banking platform and it is widely acceptable on millions of online shopping sites.

The GTbank virtual MasterCard can also be converted into normal physical MasterCard easily.

To get the new GTbank virtual MasterCard, simply log onto GTbank internet banking platform and make a request and the card details will be provided to you instantly.
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How To Easily Know The Particular Online Sport Channels That Will Show Your Favourite Football Matches On Your Android Streaming App

One particular good thing about the Owleb TV android video streaming app is the ease to hook up with live streams of on-going live football matches across the globe.

You don’t need to start searching through the different sport channels one after the other to determine the channels that are showing your favourite live football games.

But unfortunately, Olweb TV app for now no longer connects to live video streams and it is now almost impossible to stream your football games with it.

For other alternative android football streaming apps, you will agree with me that trying to figure out the particular channels that will be showing your favourite games is not very easy as sometimes, it will lead you to searching out the whole sports channels one after the other to be able to detect the particular one that will be showing the match that you want to watch.

Sometimes you will notice that before you are able to see the rightful channels, your favourite football game might have even near half time.

Today, we want to show you how you can easily know the channels that will be showing any of those your favourite matches, so you can easily go straight to the channel and hook up with the live streams without having to search all the sport channels available.

To know the online sport channels that will be showing your favourite live football matches, follow the simple steps below;

·     On the football match day, with your browser  head to Footballstreaming

·     Click on the Streams & Links menu tab/link and it will show you most of the major football matches that will be playing across the globe on that day and together under each of the games, you will see the numerous available online stream links (channels) that will be showing the games for easy connect and hook up.

For example, you might see SS 1, which stands for Sky Sport 1 channel (and not Super Sport), BT 1 that stands for BT sport 1 channel etc.

·     On your own part, since have seen the channels that will be showing your favourite game, it is left for you to go to your android streaming app and locate any of those particular channels by searching them out.

With this simple method as described above, you no longer have to search all through the sports channel available on your android streaming app before you will be able to know the particular channel that you can stream your favourite game from.

Finally, it is also important to note that those stream links (channels) are also available online for your desktop streaming of your favourite games.

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