9Mobile 1GB For N200 Special Data Offer Still Blazing

It is no longer news that the grand master for data AKA Glo mobile has discontinued their special data offer of 1.2GB for N200. Although it was heartbreaking news for many that have been using it as means of getting cheap internet data for their browsing and downloading.

That notwithstanding, many have already accepted the heart-break from Glo and have since moved on.

But we still have some cheering news for those that still want to be enjoying similar data offer but this time around from other networks.

9Mobile is one of the fastest GSM internet network providers in Nigeria, although their data plans are nowhere cheap as compared to other competing networks in the country, but it is with cheer to let you know that 9Mobile also has a special data plan that have been running for years now and that offer subscribers the ability to get 1GB of data for only N200 with 3 days validity period.

But one major drawback of this 9Mobile special data offer is that it is available to all SIMs on weekends only, while for those that would like to enjoy the offer all day round of the week, just like the MTN winback offer, which is another similar special data offer from MTN that is still blazing, 9Mobile subscribers would need to get an old SIM preferably or the SIM that they has not been used for the past 3 months in order for them to stand a chance of being eligible for the special data offer that doesn’t limit them for only weekend subscription.

To subscribe for the 9Mobile weekend special data offer of 1GB for N200, all you need to do is to get any 9Mobile SIM with at least N200 airtime in it and then dial the code *929*10# to activate the offer. You can check your data balance at any time with the code *228#. And recall that this offer has 3 days validity period.

9Mobile 1GB For N200 Special Data Offer Still Blazing 9Mobile 1GB For N200 Special Data Offer Still Blazing Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 7:17:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. for this to work on week days you need a very old etisalat sim. even a sim that hasn't been used for 3 months won't work if it is not a very old sim

  2. Wow! Are you been paid by all these networks providers. You sounded as been a paid worker or agents. All information given are unchallenged.


  3. Your enlightenment must have greatly improved there sales than tv or radio or news print adverts.


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