Where Can I Find My Draft On Facebook Android App?

As easy as the question may sound, but it has become a really worrisome situation for many Facebook users on where to find their saved drafts on their Facebook mobile apps.

Imagine having finished typing that your wonderful long Facebook post with images or videos attached to it and you decided to save it as draft, so you can come back later to make any necessary changes before posting it, but after saving as draft it disappears and you no longer know where to locate the draft.

I bet you that this can be frustrating especially when you don’t have the long copy of the draft any other place and even more frustrating when you think that Facebook should have made it a little easier retrieving drafts. And unfortunately, there is no any direct or clearly visible draft link on Facebook.

Well if you are facing such challenges now, we want to let you know that you are definitely not alone as many other Facebook users are also finding it difficult in retrieving their draft on their Facebook android mobile app.

But at this point, never too worry as we are here for the rescue and that is exactly what we are going to be discussing, on how you can easily retrieve your Facebook drafts.

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Without further ado, below are the simple steps you can follow to go back to your Facebook drafts on your mobile app;

•  Firstly, you must have saved your text as draft on the Facebook mobile app, and to safe your texts as draft is simple; To safe as draft, after typing what you want to safe as draft, instead of hitting the share button, simply hit on the back arrow sign at the top left hand corner of your screen behind the “Create Post” inscription or you can equally use your device back button and the “safe as draft” option will come up, simply tap on it to safe your post as draft.

•  Now, immediately you save the text as draft, you will receive a push notification on your android device (note: not on your Facebook bell icon notification), usually at the top of your screen, notifying you that “Your draft was saved”. At this point the notification will remain there except you intentionally or mistakenly clear your device notifications. But if you did not clear the notification in any way, then at any point in time that you wish to get back to that Facebook draft, you can pull down your android notification pane and select the saved draft; you will be taken immediately to your draft for any possible editing.

Now what if you did not see the push notification when you initially saved your text as draft or maybe you mistakenly cleared all your android notifications, where can you now find your Facebook draft?

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At this point, that you can’t find any push notifications or might have mistakenly cleared your notifications; follow this other steps to retrieve your draft on your Facebook mobile apps;

• Create a new short post and save it as draft, the push notification will show up, and then tap on your newly saved draft from the notification. While on your new draft in the continuation or edit mode, tap on that back arrow sign at the top left corner of your screen once again, there you will then see all your initial drafts displayed. From there you can choose any of your Facebook draft.

It is important to note here that your Facebook drafts are only available for you to retrieve within 3 days, after which you fail to do so within that 3 day timeframe, Facebook will automatically delete your saved drafts and they will no longer be available to you for retrieval.

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