How To Manoeuvre A Dead-Spot Android Touchscreen Digitizer To Respond To Action

One of the laws of science that we experience in our everyday day life on the items we make use of constantly is the law of friction. There is always some level of wear and tear on those items/devices that you make use of regularly, and from time to time, they become weak or even go bad beyond repairs.

Our mobile device is not an exception; you will notice that as you continue to make use of your smartphone, some parts of it deteriorate from time to time as result of friction, especially the parts that you handle most of the times, like the touchscreen that you always tap on.

As with every other machines, there is always this tendency that a smartphone that you have used for long period of time will start developing fault at a particular time; and when it comes to android smartphone, one of the commonest faults that users often observe is the inability of certain portion of their device screen to respond to touches, maybe as a result of dead portion of the touchscreen inner conductor that is no longer sensitive to touch.

Sometimes, the dead-spot might occur at upper part of your screen, whereas other times it might occur in the middle or lower part, or just any portion of the screen. And at this point the next thing that you are thinking of is on how to take your device for repair and possibly to get a complete replacement of the bad touchscreen.

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Sometimes, you might not readily be in the position to take your device for quick repair, and at that point, since it is only a portion of the screen that is bad, you might still be using it temporarily by manoeuvring your touches on the display and avoiding the dead-spot area.

But there are sometimes, that you cannot really manoeuvre and dodge the faulty dead-spot on your android touchscreen, maybe as a result of the kind of app that you are handling at that moment, and a function that you will want to carry out will be located exactly on the dead-spot of the screen. 

And you must need to tap on that area to proceed, but since that portion of the screen is dead and is no longer responsive to touch, you will be stuck at that point and won’t be able to forge ahead with what you are doing. Sometimes such cases can be very frustrating and you just wished you will just have a magic touch on your screen to get it respond so you can forge ahead with your task.

But most times, when any portion of your device touchscreen is dead, it is totally dead and will never respond to touches, unless you get a full touchscreen digitizer replacement. Now what if at that moment you are not in the position to take your device to repair, those it mean that you will be completely stuck and looking frustrated?

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If you have ever encountered such, we will like to present to you a way that you can really manoeuvre your dead-spot touchscreen digitizer in order to be able to continue with what you are doing and even without noticing that the portion of your touchscreen is bad. Just follow the steps below for the work around formula.

•   Remember that your android screen has the touchscreen digitizer at the surface and it is called touchscreen because it is mainly design for touches, and therefore the dead-spot most times only fail to respond to touches but not to clicks.

•   We know that at this point, you might have entirely forgotten that most modern android smartphone are now OTG enabled and even that your device is likely to be OTG enabled.

•   And if that is the case, now go and get an OTG cable and a mouse to convert your touches on your device screen to mouse clicks.

•   Attach the OTG cable to your device and connect your mouse. You will now get a mouse pointer hovering over your screen. With your mouse, you can now click your way through the touch dead-spot and you won’t even notice again that a portion of your android touchscreen is touch-dead.

That is cool right? You can always use your mouse with the OTG cable on your device to manoeuvre over your touchscreen dead-spot, pending when you are ready to take your device for repairs and for touchscreen digitizer replacement. 

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