Why You Should Now Guard Your SIM Packs Jealously

In those early days of GSM network operations in the country, when one misplaces their SIM cards for one reason or the other, the requirement for retrieval of SIM cards or carrying out SIM swap in any of the designated GSM network provider offices is for the person to provide only the SIM pack i.e. you will be required to produce the SIM pack of the SIM that you want to retrieve.

Then, even those that want to carry out SIM retrieval or SIM swap that have also misplaced their SIM packs altogether, the GSM network providers have a way of carrying out the SIM retrieval or swapping process by just demanding for the  SIM-phone number without requiring any other details.

You should also recall that then, SIM card-packs were not been registered in anybody’s name, it is just for one to go to any SIM vendor, purchase your SIM, insert in your phone and start using.

But fast-forward to 2018, lots of things have changed in the GSM industries in the country especially when you now talk about retrieval of lost SIM cards or carrying out SIM swap.
Now if you want to retrieve lost SIM card or carry out a SIM swap the two requirements you will need to take the office of the GSM network provider office are valid ID card and also the SIM pack, but in the event that you have also misplaced the SIM pack, you will now be required to provide a court affidavit for the retrieval process to be completed.

You and I know how stressful it will take one to go to the court to provide an affidavit in order to retrieve your SIM cards, and I am sure that most of you will not ordinarily want to take that route for your SIM retrieval operation, reason why we know encourage you to guard your SIM packs jealously.

Gone are the days when you can afford to be careless about your SIM packs and still have it easier in the retrieval of lost SIM cards. It is high-time you should endeavour at all cost to safeguard your SIM packs by keeping them well. A word is enough!

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