Smart Products For Your Home And Entertainment

Modern century provides us with a wide list of cool devices that can make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Nowadays we can ensure our home security using smart systems that we can control via wifi or Bluetooth. We have electronic dogs that can recognize their hosts and basically have their own unique characters. But there’s even more to enjoy! Meet the hottest new hi-tech products for your house and just entertainment.

Artificial garden as a healthy decoration

Who doesn’t love greenery, and who doesn’t want to decorate their house with some beautiful plants? If you have no time or wish to take care of your plants or you just want something modern and hi-technology, you can search for necessary hi-tech gadgets simply and conveniently at For example, you can order a Plantiu Smart Garden. Its system operates based on a patented growth method:

•  Right light spectrums for photosynthesis

•  Automation irrigation

•  Special nutrients

It’s 100% pure and natural. No artificial ingredients, no GMO and no soil are used, only the best ingredients. You can easily grow salad and harvest it in 4 weeks, and it will be the tastiest salad in your life! The reason for it is the special light spectrum that creates intensive flavors. Herbs grown using these devices are totally healthy and contain more vitamins: 2 or 3 times more Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene compared to herbs sold in supermarkets. 

Another Plantui advantage is a wide selection of plant capsules, more than 50 plants are available at their official site. If you take care of your health, just grow some plants! Everyone deserves a garden that heals!

Exoskeletons and prosthetics

Meet a new level of making people’s lives convenient: a chairless chair called Noonee, which you can purchase at site. It’s a wearable ergonomic mechatronic device, famous for several advantages:

•  Flexibility. It offers individual sitting height adjustment.
•  Work support. It provides sitting support for standing workplaces.
•  Freedom of movement. It supports quick switch from sitting to standing and walking mode.
•  Individualization. It can adapt to different body sizes and shoes.

With the help of this wearable device you can reduce physical strain during work, thus reducing the employee absence. You can also create a comfortable working environment and right conditions to ensure quality and productivity of work, enabling long-term employee commitment. 

Smart products and devices for your home

Smart home services have become commonly used in most modern countries. One of the most popular systems is Amazon Alexa, which provides connections of many smart devices to tablets and smartphones. While the system’s connected, you can track activities in your apartment through smart cameras, you can control your door lock via phone and even speak to your guests with the help of smart doorbell. The system is available at at budget-friendly price. You can order it now or contact our support services for more information.

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