How To Get Airtel 4GB For N200 And How To Make Your SIM Eligible

Airtel is currently offering its subscribers the ability to get 4GB of data for only N200 and many have been rocking this offer as if their entire life depends on it since last week that the offer was unleashed. 

And the best of it is that you can accumulate the 4GB to 24GB with more N200 recharges and the validity period is 30 days.

As very common with most Airtel data bonus offers, they are mostly SIM selective and your SIM need to be eligible before you can partake in this 4GB for N200 airtel data offer.

But today's post is going to be hitting on two main things; firstly is how you too can partake in this offer and secondly is how to get your SIM eligible.

Although your SIM might not still be eligible after adopting the method we are going to be showing you, but we have had several cases whereby ineligible SIMs became eligible after some tweaks.

Without further ado, to get 4GB for N200 with your airtel line follow the steps below;

•  First check if your airtel SIM is eligible by sending the keyword GET to 141 with your airtel line and if you get a success message that tells you “Dear customers, congratulations! You can enjoy 100% data bonus….” Then you should know that your SIM is eligible and continue as follows

  Buy an airtel recharge card of N200 and load it with this code *143*PIN# and you will instantly be given 4GB of data to enjoy for 1 month.

  You can dial *223# to check your data balance, and as we said, you can accumulate the data by buying more N200 and recharging with the above code.

If after sending GET to 141 to check for eligibility status and you fail to get the congratulation message, it means that your SIM is not eligible, but as we said that you can make some SIMs eligible. To try and make your SIM eligible, take off your SIM and insert it in another device, preferably a new phone, if no new phone is available, you should insert it in a modem and then recharge N200 with the above method, your SIM might just become instantly eligible and you will be given your own share of the 4GB national cake.

How To Get Airtel 4GB For N200 And How To Make Your SIM Eligible How To Get Airtel 4GB For N200 And How To Make Your SIM Eligible Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 10:24:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. this your post is late o. actually it is 4.6gb. that is what i got when i tried it last week

  2. Good day. I tried this yesterday and I got 200mb. The most annoying thing is that the credit is not even reflected on my account balance.


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