UBA Now Issue Contactless MasterCard Debit Cards

Debit card technology provides one of the most efficient and innovative payment solutions across the globe and it is mostly issued by banks and other financial institution in a country.

As time goes by, the payment technology behind debit card has grown from when it used to be only magnetic to both magnetic and chips and we now have triple payment technologies with NFC (contactless) included.

And UBA, one of the leading banks in the Nigeria and Africa as a whole has keyed into the triple payment technologies that modern MasterCard debit cards offer and to that effect, UBA now issues MasterCard Debit card with 3 technologies of payment, which we have listed as magnetic, chips and NFC.

UBA contactless MasterCard debit card is a debit card that allows you to make payments on POS and ATM without actually inserting or swiping the card over a POS terminal.

It works like every other debit card you know but with additional security and functionality for secure and faster payment.

Using the UBA contactless MasterCard debit card in any POS channel to make payment is easy, fast and secure.

When using it to pay in POS, ensure that the terminal is enabled for contactless payment, and then without inserting or swiping, just touch the card against the reader and you will immediately be prompted to put your PIN; input your PIN and the transaction would be processed.

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