At Last You Can Now Do This With Glo Network On All Browsers

It seems sense has finally fallen on Glo network as after almost 1 year of unable to open Google blogger blogs with Glo network on all major desktop and mobile browsers, bloggers on blogger blogs can now heave a sigh of relieve as web visitors can now open all sites with Glo network including Google blogger blogs.

The latest development came at the beginning of this month where it all looked like Glo has finally found a permanent solution to this catastrophe that has lingered for almost 1 year and have caused bloggers on Google Blogger platform so much sorrow as they counted their losses from Glo network visitors who were unable to access those blogs with their network.

Throughout the 1 year ordeal, lots of things have happened in the blogosphere and bloggers on Blogger platforms have had mixed feelings about the issue and their blogging activities, while many have written open letters to Globacom pertaining the lingering issue, some that can no longer withstand the negative impact it has created to their blogging activities deemed it fit to migrate to other blogging platforms  that weren’t affected and those that remained on Blogger relied on traffic from other network visitors. 

When the issue started last year, many bloggers thought that it would be a minor and temporal one that will be fixed easily and promptly by Glo and therefore at that initial stage bloggers didn’t see it as much threat to their activities but not until after 1,2,3 months the issue lingered and continued to linger for almost 1 year now then they started feeling the negative impact as almost all traffic coming from Glo network users were completely lost.

The good news is that Glo network users once again can now access all Google Blogger blogs with all browsers and on all platforms with no more hitches and we all hope this time around that this would be a permanent fix to this issue that has done more harm than good to both Blogger webmasters and their web visitors alike.

At Last You Can Now Do This With Glo Network On All Browsers At Last You Can Now Do This With Glo Network On All Browsers Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 10:01:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. Let's also see if it will have any major impact on webmasters earnings.

    1. Hi,

      For sure there will be impact since it will definitely lead to increased visitors from the ends of glo users.


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