How To Track Down Stolen Phone Thief – Download Lockwatch Now

One of the craziest things that can happen to phone users is when they lose their phones in the cold hands of phone thieves.

If you have ever lost your phone to phone thieves, I bet that the only thing that will come to your mind at that moment the phone was stolen is the possibility of tracking down the phone thief in order to recover your stolen phone.

Many times those that lose their phones to phone thieves have made serious attempt to recover their phones either by reporting the incidents to the police or other security intelligence officers for a possibility of tracking down the thief and recovering of the phone.

But most times in developing countries, many cases of phone theft that were reported to the police have yielded little to none recovery of the stolen phone, and some have even cried out that their stolen phone case they took to the police have taken more than a month with no trace of recovery, while some even end up paying security agents for the stolen phone tracking and yet no major headway recorded in recovering the stolen phone.

Tracking down a phone thief in order to recover stolen phone no doubt is a difficult thing to do and even more difficult because of the modus operandi of these thieves whenever they lay their hands on the phone.

But today we are going to be taking you through a smart and proven way of tracking down a phone thief and also the location of the stolen phone for high tendency of possible recovery.
Phone security is one of the things that phone users should take very serious with, and this is the right time to secure your phone and make your phone traceable in case of misplacement or theft.

To easily trace or track down your stolen phone and possibly apprehend the phone thief, it is important you download and install the Lockwatch-thief catcher app for android.

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With the Lockwatch app installed on your android device, tracking the phone when it is misplaced or stolen becomes lots easier as this wonderful app will work magic for you to recover your stolen phone.

The app work with a passworded or locked android phone and what it does is that when the phone thief tries to unlock the stolen phone; immediately he/she tries to unlock the stolen phone with wrong code, the app secretly uses the front camera to capture the thief and then quickly sends an email to the owner of the phone with the captured image of the phone thief.

In addition to the captured image, it also mails the GPS coordinates and a map of the phone that the phone thief is trying to unlock.

Lockwatch-thief catcher app is available on Google Playstore and for security reason; you should head to Playstore and download the app, so you can easily stand the chance of recovering your phone if peradventure anything happens to it.

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