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Laziness is the engine of progress, is not it? As you may know, people tend to make their lives easier and easier within each year. They do it in order to spend less energy on tasks that are strength-consuming or too complicated. The idea to make our lives easier was the main motive to design an electric actuator.

What is an actuator?

 Actuators are specific devices that convert the motion into a straight line. They can use either mechanical or electrical power to start. Most of all, we may use such mechanisms for such activities as opening/closing, pushing/pulling, lifting/descending. Therefore, they are applicable in various sectors of our lives to make our life easier. 

What is a linear actuator?

People attach this type of electric linear actuators to valves which moves because of the outside power source. The use of three-phase or single-phase AC or DC motors and also various gears leads to the necessary power level. 

What are two main types of electric actuators?

There are two types of them such as linear and rotary. If you select rotary electric actuator, then it is important to consider including a range of motion and actuator torque. If you want to choose linear electric actuator, it is better to consider including the actuating force, a number of turns, and also the length of a valve stem stroke.

Where can we apply electric actuators?

A number of industries and applications use both linear and rotary electric actuators. For example, it automotive people can use them in air conditioning systems and power door lock systems. In industrial manufacturing, it is possible to use these mechanisms as control components in a wide range of the industrial devices. 

How do electric actuators work?

The basic components of the electric actuator include a screw, a nut, motor, and possibly gears in case an electric motor is small. The nut rotates along the screw. It moves forward instead of turning along with the screw. Then it translates from the electrical motion to the mechanical motion.

Rotary electric actuators are rotating from being open to being close using the ball, butterfly, and plug valves. When we use rotary electric actuators, electromagnetic power from a motor is causing the definite elements of it to rotate. It allows making a number of stops during each stroke. We can use either a table or a circular shaft as a rotational component. The torque of the actuator refers to power, which causes the rotation. At the same time, the motion can be either quarter-turn, nominal, or multi-turn. 

In contrast, linear electric actuators open and close utilizing globe, diaphragm, pinch, gate, or angle valves. In case we need tight tolerances, we can use linear electric actuators. Such actuators use a motor-driven ball screw or an ACME screw assembly to provide linear motion. The load and the screw, which is belt or gear driven, are close to each other.

Why are Electric linear actuators usable?

The electric actuator is more cost-effective if compared to pneumatic and hydraulic counterparts. Electric actuator benefit from simpler, more energy-efficient, and cleaner power transmission. Programmable controls make electric actuator integration easier. Besides, the device requires minimal maintenance with no lubrication or parts replacement required except in extreme conditions. 

What are the main manufacturers of electric actuators?

The main manufacturers that produce electric actuators are Progressive Automations, Del-Tron Presision, Inc.; Bishop Wisecarver Corporation; Burr Engineering & Development Company; Tolomatic; SMC Corporation of America; Tusk Direct, Inc.; Actuonix Motion Devices. 

Are there any industrial electric actuators?

Yes, there are. For example, Thomson Industries offer such devices on the market. The main advantage of them is that there is no contamination. What is more, they are safe so that you can even cut the wire with no damage. Besides, such mechanisms are able to work in very cold conditions. Thomson industries care of its customers and hence, they test each of the actuator's designs. 

All things considered, soon it will be difficult to imagine a home without, at least, one representative of such electric actuators because they are usable. Moreover, investing in electric actuators is a proper and one of the best solutions for you since they serve for a long time. Summing up, stay informed about more cutting-edge technologies available on the market with us! Have a wonderful day!

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