How To Check For Original Or Fake Memory Card When Buying

The rate of proliferation of fake external SD card popularly known as memory card these days is alarming that one can barely differentiate between original and fake memory card being sold out there.

Yes it is advisable to buy memory cards from recognised stores in order to minimise the risk of getting a fake memory card, but the truth is that even in a recognised store, a seller that intends to be mischievous can still be mischievous at dishing out fake memory card to unsuspecting buyers.

Some will suggest that you should buy famous brands like Scandisk and the rest also in a bid to dodge fake memory cards, but another truth here is that virtually all the famous and genuine brands of memory cards out there have been imitated into fakes and even still bare the genuine brand name.

So it is purely very difficult to detect an original memory card and even more difficult trying to figure out one by mare looking at them to see whether you can detect some physical features that will differentiate the original with the fake ones.

In many occasions, memory cards with high storage capacity are the ones that are mostly imitated and with higher proliferations and the reason for that is not far-fetched as they tend to be the most sorted out memory cards against those with lower memory capacity.

At this point, the only sure ways of confirming originality of memory card is by putting them into test.

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And here are the steps that we have laid out for you to test and determine if the memory card that you are buying or the one you already bought is original or fake;

  Depending on the capacity of memory card that you want to buy, if for example it is 32GB SD memory card that you are buying, put it in a device and transfer file worth say up to 25GB or more into it and see if it will retain the content.

•  If it retains the contents at that first device, take out the memory card and insert into an entirely different device and check again whether it retains the contents.

If it does retain the content again in this second device, then there is high tendency that you are buying original memory card as most fake memory cards out there will not retain contents near the size of the acclaimed original capacity size of memory card.

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