Why Glo 4X Recharge Bonus Offer Is No Longer Suitable For You

Glo earlier introduced the 4X recharge bonus offer that gives Glo customers 4 times the value of their recharges either through paper recharge or electronic means.

To get the 4 X value of what you recharge in the Glo 4X Recharge bonus offer, you need to recharge your line with the code *323*PIN# or recharge electronically with any of the following values N150, N250, N550, N1050, N2050, N5050, N10050 .

And you can check your 4X balance at any time by dialling the code #122*30#.

Now listen up! The offer was initially mouth watery and recommendable because when you recharge with any of those methods, the original value of your airtime goes to your main account while the bonus enters the bonus account, thereby enabling you to still use your recharge amount to subscribe for data or use as you wish.

But currently, here is why the Glo 4X recharge bonus offer is no longer suitable for you; when you now recharge with any of the means above, all your airtime and bonus value will be credited in your bonus account thereby still leaving you without airtime in your main balance. And what that entails is that you cannot subscribe for any data plan of your choice when you opt for the offer as you will only be able to use the entire bonus airtime to make calls and send SMS.

So if you are planning to start enjoying the Glo 4X recharge bonus offer, it is important to know what is completely obtainable before taking your chances and that it what we have just explained above on how the offer now works, and it is now left for you to  opt in or not.

Why Glo 4X Recharge Bonus Offer Is No Longer Suitable For You Why Glo 4X Recharge Bonus Offer Is No Longer Suitable For You Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 11:38:00 AM Rating: 5


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